A Call to Action: Relay for Life

April 29th, 2010

First, I would like to congratulate all those students and FSA involved in the planning and production of John Carroll University’s Relay For Life 2010. Their countless hours of hard work and effort placed into one 18-hour event raised more than $38,000. 

I honestly enjoyed the event, but I was thoroughly disappointed with the John Carroll University student body. John Carroll has put forward a motto of “men and women for others.” How are we as students to live out this motto in regard to Relay For Life?  In my opinion it is not necessarily by donating money, but it is by donating your time and talents.  

I am not asking for anyone to walk the entire 18 hours because I didn’t even do that. What I am asking is for the student body to show some integrity. If we as students of John Carroll University were to truly be men and women for others, then we would have done several things: first, more JCU teams would have been created, and of those teams, JCU students would have had a member of their team at the event at all times.  

I personally challenge the students of John Carroll University to live by the motto of men and women for others. And, I give each and every one of you the ability to call me out personally if I do not follow through with living this motto, too.  I hope to see much more student support at John Carroll events that follow.