April 29th, 2010

“People hate the international forces.”

– Bakhtialy, an Afghan tribal elder, on the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan. A number of Afghan civilians have been killed recently by military convoys at NATO and American checkpoints or in bungled Special Operations raids. (The New York Times)

“We spoke: ‘Ah! You! We made an agreement yesterday. Why do you attack us now?’ They said: ‘No matter how used you are to your chicken, it will not stop you [from] slaughtering it.’ That is the slogan they use.”

– Chief Ibrahim Choji-Dusu of Chwelnyap, a Christian town in Nigeria, on the nature of the town’s conflict with its neighboring Muslim villages. Nigeria is deeply divided along Christian and Muslim lines. (BBC)

“How can the U.S. President make atomic threats against Iranian people?”

– Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Grand Ayatollah of Iran, on Pres. Barack Obama’s new nuclear policy. It promises not to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states except North Korea and Iran. (The New York Times)

“I saw my classmates and my teacher collapse, and when I opened my eyes, I was in hospital.”

– Sumaila, a 12-year-old Afghan girl, who was one of at least 13 girls to have fallen ill after a suspected poisonous gas attack at a school in northern Afghanistan. The government has accused fighters opposed to female education of being responsible for the attack. While the Taliban outlawed education for girls during its rule from 1996-2001, it denied any involvement in the attack. (Al Jazeera)