Tea Party shows that JCU doesn’t take sides

April 22nd, 2010

On Thursday, April 15, the John Carroll Conservatives hosted a Tea Party on campus. Over 500 people from northeastern Ohio and John Carroll University were in attendance. The purpose of the event was to take a stand against policies of the current U.S. government and the Obama administration. Along with supporters of the cause some student protestors against the Tea Party ideals were also present.  

The Carroll News commends the JCU administration for allowing a protest of this magnitude and controversy to be held on campus. We also commend the students and members of John Carroll Conservatives for organizing the event. The magnitude of the event was impressive, however, with classes still in session the music was disruptive. This may be something to take into consideration for future events during school hours. 

We commend the student protestors for their peaceful protest of the event as well. The welcoming attitude of the Tea Party to the student protestors was also commendable. 

It is encouraging to see a healthy, engaged political discussion among students and adults.  For all members of the JCU community, no matter their political affiliation, the Tea Party movement was beneficial because it exhibited democracy in action. 

The Carroll News believes that more debates and events of this nature should be held on campus. For example, political debates between party members or even political rallies. This would help to engage our generation in the political discourse and participate in the freedom of democracy.