Spring concert fails to ‘take you there’

April 22nd, 2010

Less than half of the normal attendance was at the spring concert

The annual spring concert, which featured Sean Kingston and Chamillionaire, only sold 518 tickets this year. However, only 428 students were in attendance at the concert on Sunday, April 18 in the DeCarlo Varsity Gymnasium. 

Erin Flaherty, SUPB chair of major events, said, “Typically, a concert attendance is about 1,000.” 

Capacity for concert attendance was 1,800 people. 

According to Flaherty, the concert date was moved from the original date, Friday, April 16, due to a scheduling conflict with Kingston, who filmed a guest spot on Disney Channel’s “The Suite Life on Deck.”

“I believe that was definitely the major variable in the shift we saw in ticket sales,” said Flaherty. 

Sophomore concert attendant Emily Herfel agreed that the concert time may have been a factor in the low attendance. 

“I know that the timing was not so great with it being on a Sunday or during the busy time of the semester, but it was fun to have a few hours of a break,” she said. 

Nonetheless, Herfel said she enjoyed the concert. She especially liked Chamillionaire, the opening act. 

“He [Chamillionaire] got the crowd energized and was as interactive as much as a singer can be,” said Herfel.

Herfel said she enjoyed singing along to Kingston, but felt he relied too heavily on the use of background music.

“[He] was a good performer, but I felt as if he played his CD in the background and then sang when he chose to,” said Herfel.

Vice President of Student Programming Angela Petitto felt overall that the concert went well.

“The concert was an absolute success. Chamillionaire and Sean Kingston both gave a great performance and the crowd was really energetic. I think everyone in attendance really enjoyed themselves,” said Petitto.