Kingston and Chamillionaire bring southern hospitality

April 22nd, 2010

Sean Kingston and Chamillionaire made their way north to perform at JCU’s Tony DeCarlo Varsity Center last Sunday night, and lived up to the reputation of southern hospitality. The pop/R&B/hip-hop acts were the Spring Concert performers SUPB brought to campus this year.

Chamillionaire hit the stage first with his DJ Rapid Ric and ran through several songs, including “Turn It Up,” “Fly as the Sky,” and his latest single “Good Morning,” which features a sample of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’.”

He also took a page out of T-Pain’s book and performed parts of a few songs he is featured on, including Jibbs’s “King Kong” and Three 6 Mafia’s “Doe Boy Fresh.”

Wanting to make his performance more interactive, Chamillionaire stopped at one point to ask the crowd if any one thought they were capable of getting on stage and freestyling with him. After making it clear he wasn’t looking for an amateur, he chose a student out of the crowd to join him and lay down a verse for the rest of the crowd.

A true entertainer, he added some theatrics before beginning his biggest hit. He asked a security member “You aren’t a cop are you?” before asking the crowd if they were riding dirty. The crowd knew what was about to happen and started getting louder, then DJ Rapid Ric dropped the beat for Chamillionaire’s number one smash hit “Ridin.’”

After Chamillionaire got the crowd hyped, the headliner, Sean Kingston, came out to his hit single “Me Love” and kept the energy going. Kingston also made sure the crowd stayed involved by having them yell up to him what song they wanted to hear from him next.

Despite the fact that many of the crowd members kept yelling “911” to him, Kingston understood they meant last summer’s top-5 Billboard hit “Fire Burning.” He ran through some of his other hits too, such as “Beautiful Girls,” “Take You There” and “Face Drop.” He even performed his own remixes to Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” and Drake’s “Over” at the request of the students standing closest to the stage.

Kingston put on a pretty good show as well, but Chamillionaire was the better entertainer on this night. He was able to keep the crowd energized and had a planned setlist that worked to his performance’s advantage. Overall, it was clear that Chamillionaire came to entertain.