Wake up and grow up

April 15th, 2010

As a John Carroll University alumnus, I was extremely disappointed to discover you published Mr. Bob Seeholzer’s bitter tirade about reverse sexism (3/25/10 issue).  

It was of no more intellectual substance than a drunken Facebook blog (which, it seems, is about the highest form of communication I see many young men and women possess). 

Perhaps when Mr. Seeholzer finally enters the real world of working adults (and leaves that of coddled Internet-addicted socially-stunted collegiate underachievers), he will discover that, lo and behold, Caucasian men DO hold the majority of high-paying, supervising positions. Then and only then, I suppose, will he feel justice. 

America has changed and while it is not completely for the better, it is our home. Seeholzer might be a happier man if he moved to a more misogynist Middle Eastern locale.  His article summed up why so many young women are staying single:  there is a dangerous anger brewing in young men who don’t have the strength of character to suck it up and deal with adversity. 

They pout about what they aren’t getting. They have had so much given to them and are stunned when things don’t fall in their lap. Seeholzer feels entitled to much more than he deserves or has earned.  Perhaps the military would hold a more promising future for someone so intoxicated by the social structures of yesteryear.

 My mother is a college professor who, like many of your moms, has worked extremely hard to be respected in the workplace and home.  Women have to strive for a respect that men take for granted.  

As a female cook in a male-dominated kitchen, I KNOW that women are looked at first as sex objects and second as fellow employees.  All women want, Mr. Seeholzer, is to be looked at as fellow employees first.

 And, perhaps you will score a date if you drop the sarcasm and resentfulness. Until then, I doubt anyone wants to “put up with” “hormonal” you.