Last chance to dance, romance, advance and pee your pants

April 15th, 2010

The pressure is on.

There are four weeks left in my college career and cramming everything in messes up my schedule every day. I can count on one hand how many Thursday nights are left or how many issues of The Carroll News I can be a part of. Any weekly event, really, is of the essence.

I can’t believe how fast this all went. Just yesterday, I was a sophomore sitting in the Inn Between in April, thinking to myself, “This is great. I get to double all the time I just spent in college. I have plenty of time.”

Now I’m panicking. I feel like Mikey Walsh giving the rest of the Goonies the, “It’s their time up there, but it’s our time down here” speech, and it’s all over as soon as we ride up out of the cave in Troy’s bucket.

With so little time left, I realize I need to start making some choices. A lot of people my age have been urging each other to get it in while we can, because in six weeks we can never live this college lifestyle of 100 percent thrill and zero percent consequences again. I’ve been offered the chance to start boozing on Monday morning, Tuesday night, Thursday during class, and of course, all weekend long.

I’ve loved college. Those people are somewhat right – this lifestyle only comes but once a lifetime and it only lasts four years (maybe more for the really smart people, or the really ‘not smart’ people). I’m proud of the amount of birthdays or holidays I over-celebrated, or how many classes I couldn’t attend on account of the Irish virus. Confession time – I thought FYS was just a suggestion.

Yes, in a way, this is the last month for those shenanigans. But it’s also the last chance for more than just that. This is the last chance to ever play intramurals, the last couple weeks when it’s socially acceptable to sit in the cafeteria and scope chicks, go to the library and do work with your classmates or just sit outside with your friends. This is the last chance I’ll ever have to write for The CN or run with the track team. Shoot, if your last wish is to get a good grade in a class, now is the only time to get it done.

I know some people might look at this and just forget it, because now is the time to go out every single night. That’s fine. But think of the times when you and your friends  did homework at the library (but just a little bit because being at the library sucks when you’re swamped). It’s a great spot to see the people you don’t normally hang out with. How good did it feel to finish your work and go bother your buddy? Or, if you’re still doing things and someone comes and gives you a break?

I loved wasting time on campus, and those days are almost done. Sure, in the next couple of weeks I’m going to go out, spend money, stuff my face with Guy’s Pizza, and do the chicken wing on McNulty’s stage. But that’s not the only kind of “living it up” that I’m going to do. Make that distinction – there’s more to experiencing college to the fullest than just that. With the friends I’ve made here, I know that every time we hang out after graduation, we will be going out and having a blast. There’s always time for that. That’s why in the next couple of weeks (and underclassmen, I envy your extra time), it’s important to live it up to the actual, real “fullest” with the rest of this magical mystical experience known as college.