How to transition from winter to spring fashion

April 15th, 2010

It’s springtime in Cleveland.  It’s cold out, then it’s hot out, then it’s cold out, then it’s hot out.  And then it’s warm out, but still kind of cold.

Now, I may be the only one, but the only sensible question I ever feel the need to ask myself  about this little temperature yo-yo is “What do I wear?”

Don’t  worry, I think I’ve figured it out.

First step: Don’t get rid of all your winter stuff.  Keep a few staple items out, like a cute pair of boots, a cardigan, maybe a few scarves, etc.

These can help you make an easy transition from winter to spring.

Take that cardigan and pair it with shorts, dress up a skirt with those boots, and keep your scarves on hand.  Also, you can “spring” up the look of a cardigan and scarf with a pair of flip flops.

There’s also a point in time where you just say “who cares, it’s April” and throw a jacket on with your new spring clothes. But until then…

As we all know, springtime doesn’t necessarily mean nice weather all the time.  It’s still a little chilly, and lately it has felt like there’s always a rain cloud somewhere nearby.

That means it’s important for your wardrobe to have at least one (or more) flashy little jacket. My favorites are short little trench coats (preferably in a bright color or pattern) which go great with what you’ll need next, a flashy pair of rain boots and an umbrella.

“I love spring trench coats, especially since you can bring them out every spring. I love them because they’re so classic,” said senior Adrienne Petrella.

Now, for what we’ve all been waiting for: this year’s spring trends. To sum it all up, I have one word for you: floral.  As I was “researching”  at Beachwood Mall (sarcasm intended), that’s the one prominent look I noticed in just about every store.

Floral dresses, floral tops, floral skirts, and even floral shorts are flooding spring catalogs as well as the runways this season.

“Floral frocks are my favorite,” said Petrella.

H&M recently came out with their “Garden Collection,” which is clearly where you want to go to fill your closet with some horticultural duds. Now don’t let this next trend scare you off, but denim is coming back this season.

Not just jeans or jean skirts, but literally head to toe denim.  Stores like H&M, Gap and J.Crew have been showcasing it like crazy.  Although denim-on-denim may not be most people’s cup of tea, they somehow surprisingly make their mannequins look cool.

However, there is a catch: you can’t be monochromatic about it. Be sure to mix noticeably different hues of denim, or else you’ll just look like a big denim jumpsuit.

Still, if you’re not into the whole head to toe look, a denim jacket is a seasonal must and can be paired with anything.

I’m sure many of you still have one collecting dust somewhere in the back of your closet, so you should be in luck!

According to the latest magazines and store windows, nothing says springtime (or “Ahoy, matey”) than some nautical stripes.

H&M, J.Crew and just about every other store in the mall, has plenty of options as they carry a variety of nautical shirts, dresses, and even some skirts.

Bonus points for a necklace with an anchor pendant.

Of course, the trends don’t end there.

Nude colors, neon colors, and even some western gear (cowboy boots, anyone?) are coming in big this season, though nude seems to be the most popular.

“Traditionally I only wear neutral colors, so I’m excited to see nude as a trend this spring,” said junior Alex White.