Butterfly clips, Art Stuff glitter, and slap bracelets

April 15th, 2010

Last weekend, the Masters was on, and in case you’re not a huge golf fan like I am (sarcasm), Phil Mickelson won. His wife and family congratulated him as he walked off the green. Mickelson’s oldest daughter was also there to greet him, and while I’m sure she will grow into a beautiful woman like her mother, right now she is clearly in the middle school phase of her life.

A middle school phase is when boys and girls try to figure themselves out. It usually occurs in sixth, seventh and eighth grade.

In grade school, we were acceptably still children; but as we got older, we had to figure out how to be adults.

Beanie Babies and American Girl Dolls had to be pushed aside as we attempted to quickly mature. Now, we could waste our nights playing Sims, calling our friends to see if they would be on AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), and updating our MySpace pages with the latest songs and coolest backgrounds.

My middle school phase happend in Grove City Middle School. It was home to the most awkward years of my life, and I didn’t have a clue. I thought I was cool.

Butterfly clips crowned my head, and on the days I wasn’t wearing those I might sport the single butterfly clip with the movable wings, or the comb headband that dug into my scalp and probably looked as bad as it was painful.

For special occasions I’d break out Bath & Body Works Art Stuff Glitter products and cover my arms, neck and sometimes add a little to my hair. The more glitter you used the better you would look.

When it was time for school dances, my lips were usually a metallic shade compliments of Lip Smackers, and I’d choose colored bands for my braces that matched my outfit.

While I don’t remember wearing them to dances, I would occasionally get out the always stylish black stretchy choker necklace and slap bracelet.

And, for dances my nails were almost always a pastel shade of nail polish that I would peel off the next day. I’d finish off my dance look with some bright (usually blue) eye shadow.

So to recap, Beanie Babies, American Girl Dolls and being a kid are out. Sims, MySpace, AIM, butterfly clips, glitter, metallic chapstick, slap braceletes, choker necklaces and maturing into adults are in.

By looking at my young face, some might think I’m still in the middle school phase, but believe me, I’ve come along way.

Now I’m in my college phase. Right now I can’t see what will mark this era, but I know I’m not ready for the real world phase yet, and thankfully I have another year.

As I’m watching so many of my friends prepare for the real world stage, part of me wants to buy them Art Stuff glitter and Lip Smackers chapstick in hope that it might push them back into the middle school phase and delay their graduation. If it meant they could stick around for a little while longer, I’d help them apply their bright blue eye shadow and lend them my, I mean buy them, butterfly clips.

But since even the middle schoolers have to mature, I guess I’ll have to save my glitter for another day and just be glad I still have another year.