Campion remodel

March 25th, 2010

Thanks to a donation from a John Carroll University alumnus, Campion Hall is set to undergo a renovation this summer. The donor, Jonathan Leebow, class of ‘99 lived in Campion Hall from 1997 to 1999. He said donating the money was a great way for him to contribute back to a school that did so much for him.

Leebow said, “I really enjoyed my experiences at John Carroll. For me, [donating the money] is a way to give back to the school. I’m blessed and grateful to be in a position to do something good for the University.”

Leebow, who currently works at Majestic Steel USA Inc., donated $100,000 to JCU. He said the donation will help upgrade Campion Hall so future John Carroll students can have great experiences like he did.

 “Giving the money was a way for me to pay-it-forward. I hope the contribution helps in the continued effort to make John Carroll a great school for students to attend,” he said.

Kris Willis, director of planning and implementation at JCU, said Campion Hall will undergo a significant transformation. Three lounges in Campion will receive new facilities, including the Campion classroom, the recreation lounge and the elbow wing lounge. All of the lounges are located on the ground floor of Campion. 

Willis said, “Each of the spaces will provide students with a variety of spaces and furniture types to socialize; to study individually or in groups; to eat in groups; to organize gaming; or to just hang out and watch TV.”

The Campion classroom will get new paint and flooring, as well as new surfaces so students can work. There will also be a feature wall, where students can hang up posters for school campaigns or other areas of interest.

The classroom will also house a new widescreen TV, as well as soft furnishings, and new tables and chairs for study purposes and booth-type seating.

Willis added that the different types of seating would give students the opportunity to choose what feels comfortable for them.

The recreation lounge, similar to the octagon lounge in Hamlin Hall, will receive a pingpong table, newly-refurbished walls and carpets.

The elbow wing lounge will receive new finishes to the floor, furniture and a widescreen TV, but the walls will not be re-painted. The aim of the renovation is to upgrade Campion Hall’s recreational facilities with similar furnishings, but each lounge will have its own unique qualities.

Heather Losneck, director of residence life at JCU, said she was very excited about the renovation.

She said, “We are excited to see the ground floor lounges come to life with his donation.  If students are wondering where they should sign up to live next year consider Campion Hall.”

Freshman Cara Stamp, a resident of Campion, said the lounges would look much better if they were renovated. 

“If they were fixed up a bit, they’d definitely be sweet places to hang out,” said Stamp.

Sophomore Tom Vokac said he likes the idea of Campion Hall being renovated.

He said, “Campion is quite far from the other dorms, so it would give the residents more to do anyway.”