C.L.E. Clothing Co. helps Cleveland fans show their pride

March 25th, 2010

Founded in 2008 by, as their tagline says, “two dudes with an idea and a mission,” C.L.E. Clothing can help people show pride in the “2-1-6.”

Now, you can represent your city with these Cleveland-themed T-shirts that show love for the city in a whole new way.

All of the T-shirts are made out of American Apparel tees. Clevelanders can unite through these witty displays of pride such as, “It’s Still the Jake to Me” and “216: Respect the Code.”

This new line is a Cleveland die-hard’s dream come true.

John Carroll sophomore Chris Eggleton finds the T-shirts perfect for Cavs games, Indians games, or whenever you want to show some love to Cleveland.

“My favorite is the one that says ‘440…It’s for the ‘Burbs,’” said Eggleton, who was  born and raised in a suburb of Cleveland.

The tees convey messages that can even  be inside jokes only Clevelanders would recognize, such as one shirt that has a collage on the front of a little bit of everything Cleveland.

Junior Nick Hermez noted that he liked the tees that are unique to the city, such as the collage tee with phrases such as “Superman was born here,” “Witness,” and “Christmas Ale.”

“The leg lamp on the collage shirt shows uniqueness to Cleveland,” he said.

They have been carrying out their mission, and have compelled even a Steelers fan to admit their brand is pretty cool.

“You can be sure I won’t be wearing any of the tees that say I am a Browns fan,” said sophomore and Pittsburgh native Laura Sudo.

“Still, I wouldn’t mind repping Cleveland and I would like it if Pittsburgh would start making tees like these.”

Freshman Laura Kisthardt said that JCU students from Pittsburgh who see the tees would definitely take note of them.

“They’re probably a bit jealous that we have something like this to show our pride,” she said.

Even if you are not born and raised in Cleveland, C.L.E. encourages Cleveland fans from all over the country to stylishly unite with their brand.

The prices remain reasonably affordable for customers, ranging between $10 and $20 for these one-of-a-kind shirts.

Interested buyers can order these shirts through their Web site or can find stands that sell them at local malls such as Beachwood Place in Lyndhurst, and Southpark Mall in Strongsville.

Home of LeBron James, the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, and now C.L.E. Clothing, these “2 dudes with an idea and a mission” for carrying out their duty as true Clevelanders are “spreading Cleveland Pride one T-shirt at a time.”