Recycling at JCU work in progress

February 25th, 2010

Recycling and sustainability have once again come into question at John Carroll University. Lack of communication by the administration has caused some confusion among students, FSA and cleaning crews. We feel that there needs to be better organization and more effective communication by all involved to get recycling and sustainability at JCU on the right path. 

 According to the Vice President and Executive Assistant to the President, Jonathan Smith, a committee for improving sustainability on campus will be released this week. We urge Carol Dietz, the chair of this committee, to make recycling at JCU the first item on their agenda. Andrew Fronczek, director of purchasing and auxiliary services, admitted in the Feb. 18 issue of The Carroll News that the University could do better on the recycling issue. It’s a problem that can be fixed immediately simply by using more distinctive sorting bins and better organization. With more distinctively marked bins and better publicity of the advancements on the issue, the University, as a whole, can significantly cut down on the contamination of recycled products. This will also avoid the need for the school to purchase more trash compactors, which can cost over $25,000. The sorting bins should be easily accessible to students everywhere on campus. Even small recycling containers on each floor of all the dorms would make a huge difference in the sustainibility of our University.

A strategy which often proves effective, and at the very least is organized, is to set goals to meet. The new sustainability committee needs to be a group open to the ideas of students and staff. Once the names are released the entire campus needs to be made aware of the members of the committee. Their future attempts at bettering the sustainability of our campus need to be extensively promoted on campus so that students, faculty and staff can help.

We commend the administration for putting together this committee; however, we urge the entire campus community to hold this committee accountable. They need to show the students, faculty and all other JCU employees that they are attacking this problem. This issue isn’t going to be a quick fix and, in order for real improvement, the entire JCU community needs to be involved.