Student Union inaugurates 88th president

January 28th, 2010

Junior Amanda Papa was inaugurated as the 88th Student Union President on Thursday, Jan. 21. 

Outgoing President Matt Hiznay wished Papa success for the next year. He said, “I have full faith and confidence [in Papa].” 

After the Presidential Oath was administered, Papa took the podium for her inaugural address. 

Papa plans to lead the Student Union by focusing on two Cs: community and communication. 

“It is my hope that a more cohesive campus community will lead to an increase in school spirit and student involvement,” said Papa.

According to Papa, increasing and improving communication with students will be a major goal of hers as president. 

“No longer will students be able to say they do not know what the Student Union does or that they do not know what is going on, on campus. Communication will be clear, concise and available in a variety of different mediums. I plan on keeping students informed in every way I possibly can,” she said.

Papa hopes that this sense of community will extend to the city of University Heights as well. She wants to encourage students to become more involved in the city in which they live.

“I will communicate often with Mayor Infeld, and I will encourage open dialogue with students and other residents of University Heights,” said Papa.

Papa not only hopes to connect with the student body and the city, but to also reinforce the responsibility of her fellow student government members. 

She said, “I promise to hold the newly elected Senate and Executive Board to high standards and demand nothing but their best work while serving the John Carroll community.” 

Papa is looking forward to working with the new Senate and Executive Board. According to Papa, many have already come to her with new ideas for the upcoming year.

“A number of them have already come forward with ideas and their enthusiasm is invigorating. I am pledging to keep this excitement alive and steady throughout my term. I will continue to lead by example and encourage Senators to make themselves available and recognized leaders on campus,” Papa said. 

Finally, Papa hopes to serve the John Carroll University community and its students.

Papa said, “As the 88th president I am honored to serve the John Carroll community. I am excited to be a tireless voice for the student body, and I will continue to bring energy and a positive attitude while serving as a living example of the John Carroll mission.”

Student Union Class of 2010 President Shaylyn Mahoney has worked with Papa in Student Union for two years. 

“I think that she will be an outstanding president,” said Mahoney. “She is very responsible but also energetic. She really wants to work with the students as a leader but also on a peer to peer basis.”