JCU responds to the Haiti quake

January 28th, 2010

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti puts the most recent death toll estimate at more than 150,000 people with many more still trapped under the rubble. The disaster destroyed most of the country’s capital, Port-au-Prince, and the damage to the seaport has hindered the ability to deliver aid. The event has stimulated a relief effort around the world and here at John Carroll University.

JCU has begun to collect money and other donations for Haiti which will be sent to the Jesuit Refugee Service. The Jesuit Refugee Service aids those who are forcibly displaced and refugees from events such as natural disasters.  

The Carroll News commends JCU for its efforts and commitment to the Jesuit mission. The school is accepting donations at various locations around campus including Campus Ministry, Center for Service and Social Action, and the atrium, to name a few. This past Saturday there was a dance at Jake’s Speakeasy to raise money for the victims.  Despite the underwhelming amount of publicity for the event, there was a large turnout. 

However, the University can do better. We feel they need to engage the student body in a more proactive way. The lack of presence in key student areas such as the atrium has been a disappointment and there needs to be more interaction with the school. 

We recommend that students or FSA volunteers walk around the cafeteria during meal hours and ask students for small donations. Students in the Boler School of Business could also use their marketing skills to form a plan to raise money or hold student and community-wide events to collect donations. There are other methods of raising money which have been seen at local universities. 

For example, Cleveland State University has taken a more personal angle by approaching its student body in all high-traffic areas. CSU maybe be bigger, but we feel that JCU still has the ability to do better. We feel that with all of our available resources, the University can do more to make a difference.