Residence Life Advisory Board will reconvene

December 10th, 2009

The Residence Life Advisory Board will be reinstated beginning next semester. The board will begin meeting monthly to discuss different aspects of residence life and potential improvements.

Heather Losneck, director of residence life, said that although the board may be new to freshmen, it is not a new initiative.

“The board hasn’t stopped existing; it just has not met this semester,” Losneck said.

Once students return from winter break, Losneck plans for the board to reconvene.

She said the advisory board will consist of two students from each residence hall, two members of the Student Union ResLife committee, two members from the Organization of Resident Assistants, and two members of the Residence Hall Association.

In addition, two tour guides will be added to the board to ensure that any new residence life information is explained fully to incoming high school visitors.

The board is charged with the task of reviewing residence life initiatives.

“[We] review some policies and practices such as holiday break housing protocol and solicit feedback,” Losneck said.

Senior Amy Marchlen, chair of the residence life committee for the Student Union Senate, said the board works collectively to solve problems.

“The purpose of this group is to discuss problems from various perspectives of student life and to generate ideas for potential programming,” she said.

Junior resident assistant and Student Union President-elect Amanda Papa said that as of right now the Student Union only utilizes a small committee.

“We just have a committee of three student senators who correspond with student issues regarding student housing,” she said.

Papa thinks that the large number of the board will be a positive.

“As an RA, it’s good they’re reaching out to a wide variety of students,” she said. “I’m all for student participation and perspective.”

Freshman Sarah Baum said she thinks that having the board reconvene is a good idea.

“As a student living on campus, anything to improve residence life is a positive,” Baum said.

Baum lived in Murphy for the first few weeks of this semester, but she now resides in Pacelli. Living in two different freshman dorms, Baum has seen the type of problems that can occur in residence halls.

For Baum one of the issues that the board could address would be the bathrooms.

“The bathrooms are always filthy, not due to the lack of cleaning crew-they’re great, so nice,” Baum said. “It’s the fact that some people disrespect them and the facility. Stricter penalties or consequences could be enforced.”

Although Papa doesn’t know the exact problems the board will be addressing, she said that the diversity of the students will be a plus.

“They’re getting different perspectives,” Papa said. “I’m glad there will be a variety of students.”

Losneck said that the board will help her in various areas.

“Having the RLAB is really helpful to me in planning for our department and in making sure that the students understand why we do what we do,” she said. “It is really helpful to have students on the board who are comfortable asking questions and giving effective feedback.”