Spicing up my life one birthday at a time

November 19th, 2009

Back in September I signed up to write the staff commentary this week because today, Thursday, Nov. 19 is my birthday and I thought everyone should know. However, I also have something else to bring to your attention. Thus, in an effort to multitask I have come up with the following commentary. Please enjoy.

It’s my birthday! Yes, exactly 22 years ago to the day I came into this world. Aren’t you glad?

Well even if you answered no to that question, I’m pretty stoked to be here and because I am here I feel it necessary to let you in on a little secret that has changed my life forever: Tony Charachere’s Original Creole Seasoning.

The carton says it’s good on everything and by golly, it is. I kid you not, this orange-tinted spice in a container the shape of Kraft Parmesan cheese has revolutionized the cuisine at my house.

According to Wikipedia, “Louisiana Creole cuisine is recognized as a unique style of cooking originating in New Orleans, which makes use of the same Holy trinity (in this case chopped celery, bell peppers and onions) as Cajun cuisine, but has a great variety of European, French, Caribbean, African and American influences.”

I don’t recall who brought this heavenly treasure into our home, but I guarantee that it has been shaken almost daily since then.

It has graced dishes from ramen to baked chicken breast. I have seen it sprinkled over pasta and black bean salad alike and it has never ceased to delight my taste buds.

Just to clear it up, I haven’t been hired to endorse this product and I don’t want to be. That would cheapen my love and devotion for it.

Not only is this little spice an awesome addition to any cabinet, it is also a great investment to build and maintain relationships in all sorts of situations. It brings Steelers and Bengals fans together and maintains peace even after… well you know.  WHO DEY?!

A roommate and I once tried to make dinner for ourselves. After much debate on what to serve we ended up with a casserole made of meat, pasta, baked beans and corn. Gross I know, but there was a simple solution, the Original Creole Seasoning!

We have since hosted dinner parties serving the most awesome casserole dish known to man.

This ultimate flavor enhancer may be awesome on a lot of levels, but it does stop short on one. There are no healing powers attributed to Tony Charachere’s wonder spice. No matter how much you sprinkle into your fish tank it will not keep the little buggers from floating belly up.

On the plus side though, it is MSG free.

Even on this, my 22nd birthday, I shall be experiencing the wonder of Creole seasoning. If you want to sample the goodness just stop by my table in the cafeteria because this Thanksgiving feast is going southern. Oh and feel free to bring a cupcake or a brownie along as birthday collateral.