Students, faculty clean Health Center out of H1N1 vaccine

November 12th, 2009

The John Carroll University Health Center will be receiving a new installment of H1N1 nasal sprays as soon as next week. The Health Center already used the first 200 H1N1 flu mist vaccines on 190 students and 10 faculty members.

Unlike the seasonal flu vaccine, which the JCU Health Center purchases each year, the H1N1 vaccine is through the government program, Government’s Vaccine Program for Pandemic Flu. The program’s vaccination is free so that it will reach large populations regardless of their financial constraints.

The Health Center does not know the exact arrival date of the next installment of H1N1 vaccines, but Health Center Director Jan Krevh said, “We ordered a total of 500 – 300 flu mist and 200 injection.”

Senior Bridget Dolan was vaccinated in the first H1N1 vaccine installment. According to Dolan, getting the vaccination was simple.

“The Nurses were very helpful with registration questions and I was in and out in five minutes,” said Dolan.

 Symptoms of the flu include: fever, body aches, sore throat, coughing, congestion and extreme fatigue.

The Health Center began swabbing students for Influenza A, the category for H1N1, at the beginning of the year. The cost for this test was $300. However, after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found false negatives, this testing was discontinued.

The Student Health Center confirms a student has influenza like illness (ILI) based on CDC guidelines.

Krevh said, “Since we are not yet in the seasonal flu period, the CDC is stating any ILI is probably H1N1 flu.” 

Some students received the H1N1 nasal spray as a preventative measure.

Freshman Bridget Roulett, who received the nasal spray, said, “I did not want to risk getting really sick.”

The Health Center strongly encourages students to take precautions. According to the Health Center, students should wash hands, avoid contact with sick people, avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth and get the flu shot.

If students exhibit symptoms, they should contact the JCU Health Center. Students should also take precautions such as resting, drinking fluids and taking over the counter medicine. Check student e-mail for updates on vaccine shipments.