Quality and quantity both important for resumes

November 12th, 2009

Some may argue that most of what you learn in college comes from outside the classroom. Being involved in student organizations creates opportunities and experiences that will follow you well beyond graduation.

With over 90 organizations on campus, and several off campus, the opportunities for students to get involved are ample. Whether it is the fall semester of your freshman year or the spring semester of your senior year, it is never too late to make a difference in your life.

Being involved in an organization, whether it be intramural sports, Greek life and honorary societies, or the Carroll Book Club, allows you to build teamwork and leadership skills, make friends and create new relationships. Any of these will make you more marketable when it comes time for your internship or career search.

You do not need to be involved with five organizations to build a strong resume. By taking a leadership role within one or two groups, you will be able to gain the experience needed after graduation.

Involvement in a club or organization is a great way to grow and make improvements on your interpersonal skills. Theses are the same skills that you will need to be successful in a professional career environment.

Being able to network is another important skill to acquire. Getting involved in one or more of the organizations at John Carroll opens the door to tremendous opportunities. It helps you sharpen your ability to make contacts and develop relationships on a personal and professional level.

Most of all, it is important for you to add your experiences to your resume. It is your detailed resume that will help you earn the interview with great companies. Expanding on your experiences within the interview will help you earn a position. Not to mention, these experiences will help you stand out during the graduation application process.

When applying for an internship or a position after graduation, you will be competing with a lot of qualified people. Take advantage of the opportunity you have now to build a clean, concise resume highlighting all of your accomplishments at John Carroll.

By having a wide range of activities and honors, you have a better chance to catch the eye of a recruiter. Often, during your initial interview your conversation turns toward your involvement around campus. The organizations you were involved in and the activities that you have executed will make a lasting impression, giving you a lead above the other potential applicants.

The most important part of college is to learn and further your education by attending classes, reading and studying. However, it is also just as important to find out who you are.

You can find out what interests you simply by getting involved and taking the reins in a student organization, in your schoolwork and at your job. And as always, a resource available to you is the Career Center.

Stop by the Career Center with any questions that you have about your journey on your career path or any other help you may need.