University president discusses Election potential

October 29th, 2009

Though its non-profit status prevents John Carroll University from endorsing a mayoral candidate, University President Rev. Robert Niehoff has a few expectations of the new city administration.

The relationship between JCU and University Heights has been uncooperative in the past. With a new mayor in place for the first time in 32 years, Niehoff hopes the relationship can be improved to benefit both the city and the University.

“We want the city to be fair to students and fair to us,” said Niehoff. “That’s all we’re asking.”

The University submitted a master plan to the city’s University Affairs Committee last year but has received no response from the committee.

“After the election we’re moving forward. I hope the mayor will work with us, but, regardless, we’re moving forward,” said Niehoff. “I hope the city will come along.”

The University has three main needs: parking, play fields and apartment-style student housing, according to Niehoff. Niehoff hopes that the University and the city can work together to accomplish these goals.

JCU provides UH with more than $1 million in taxes and has about 600 registered voters with potential to impact the Nov. 3 election.