JCU encourages participation

October 29th, 2009

This month JCU has hosted several debates for the upcoming election in University Heights. Also, there will be a voting station on campus this Tuesday, Nov. 3 which will make it more convenient for students to vote.

The Carroll News supports the initiative the University took to help students become informed and active in the election. By hosting the debates on campus, the University made local politics more accessible to students.

By holding the mayoral debate at JCU, the candidates were forced to answer many questions regarding the city’s relationship with the University. This helps students make more informed decisions when voting.

By placing a voting station on campus, JCU has made is much easier for students who are registered to actually exercise their right to vote. Instead of having to skip a class or another responsibility to make time to stop at an off campus voting station, students will be able to simply go to the IM gym and fill out a ballot.

The Carroll Counts program made a considerable effort to register voters for this year’s election, and the University followed through by providing several events for students to become familiar with candidates and issues before casting their votes. JCU has provided the student body with all the tools, now it’s up to them to follow through on the election.