Internet show promotes Cleveland

October 29th, 2009

Cleveland may be struggling economically, but the city is receiving a revamped image for an upcoming Internet show.

“Got City Game! Cleveland” is an Internet-only reality show in which three teams compete in multiple challenges around Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Prizes include:  a years free lease at the Tremont Place Lofts, dinner and movie passes and other items pertaining to Cleveland living.

In a press release issued by the show, Executive Producer Barbara Oney said, “This is a reality game show filmed throughout the city of Cleveland and then aired on the World Wide Web–where this demographic resides and where it can be seen on a global basis.”

The show is looking to engage the 18 to 35-year-old demographic in hopes of educating them on what Northeast Ohio and Cleveland have to offer. There are two types of challenges: “Location” and “CitySmart.”

“Location” challenges occur in public places around Cleveland such as restaurants, businesses and other places that are unique to the city.

“CitySmart” is more of a quiz-style format were contestants answer questions relating to Cleveland’s history, and neighborhoods.

In talking about the genesis of the show, Oney explained their attempt to answer a question pertinent to the youth of Cleveland.

“How do we engage young people in a way that is fun?” said Oney.

There will only be five episodes, starting Nov. 11, 2009, and continuing through the following four Wednesdays. For each episode, the show will highlight a different Cleveland area, such as Tremont, University Circle and the Detroit Shoreway. What makes this show so enticing is its commitment to engage the public and get them to become involved.

The teams earn points as they complete challenges and answer correct questions. However, what it comes down to is the online votes cast by viewers of the show, ultimately deciding the winner.

Viewers can vote on the show’s Web site, Voters are only allowed to vote once in order to limit the number of votes cast for each team. The show hopes to gain attention and popularity through its attempt to highlight the positive assets of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. It also enters viewers into a lottery when they vote.

“One of the things that is central to this [show] is engagement. It is bringing the viewers in and getting them involved in the show,” said Oney.

With each vote, viewers are automatically entered into a weekly raffle to win prizes such as passes to concerts and dinner certificates.

Additionally, they will be entered into the grand prize raffle which is for one of four academic scholarships for either an undergraduate degree, graduate degree or Ph.D. These scholarships are good at any accredited school in the United States and will be supplied by the NACS Foundation and Stone Modeling and Talent Agency.

Also, these scholarships can be given to someone else if the recipient does not wish to use it.

The host of the show is Jason Zone Fisher. He directed a documentary about his father running for Ohio lieutenant governor. Directing the show is Don Tyler, a nationally recognized music director and Cleveland native. Students from Cuyahoga Community College will be helping Tyler direct the show by shooting footage as well as capturing audio to later be produced in the studio.

“We would like to do this across the region, and make it become a regional opportunity. We also see this as a business opportunity to create jobs in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio,” said Oney.