JCU student mugged, assaulted

October 29th, 2009

A John Carroll University student was walking home from the library on Wednesday, Oct. 21 at approximately midnight, when he was accosted and robbed. This is the second time this semester that a mugging has occurred at JCU.

John Skomra, a senior, had left campus and crossed South Belvoir and continued down Washington Road. By the time he passed the baseball field on the other side of Washington, a lone person attacked him and stole his money.

“He comes up from behind me and kicked my back knee cap and pushed me down right away,” said Skomra. “As soon as I turned around to get a look at him he kicked me square in [the groin area].”

The unidentified criminal took advantage of Skomra’s disorientation and snatched $12 cash from his pocket. The cash, along with an expired version of Skomra’s license, were the only items stolen.

Due to the timing of the incident, Skomra chose not to report the incident to the University Heights Police and JCU’s Campus Safety Services until the next morning. With a lack of witnesses or a description, he realized this crime was simply a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“They’re probably not going to catch him,” he said. “It was unfortunate, but it happens.”

JCU Chief of CSS Timothy Peppard said this incident and another accosting and robbery on Sept. 6 are unusual and are most likely unrelated. The first incident involved a group of men during the daytime, while this incident was a single perpetrator at night.

“It just doesn’t happen around here. It’s unusual,” said Peppard. “It’s not to say it doesn’t happen, it’s just not common for this campus.”

Peppard cannot conclude these incidences as related, but is concerned about both of them equally.

“Are we very concerned that we’ve had two incidents? We’re very concerned we’ve had one incident.”

Skomra, like Peppard, sees these incidences as extremely atypical of John Carroll.

“This is stuff we haven’t seen in the last four years,” said Skomra. “I don’t want to say this neighborhood isn’t safe – because it is – we just have to be a little more aware.”

Skomra said, “It’s been a weird semester overall for the whole school.”