With age comes responsibilities

October 15th, 2009

As every year passes I become more and more like an adult. Those with common sense would say, “duh,” while those who know me based just on appearances would beg to differ. I look 16 on a good day. But, the truth is, like it or not, I’m on my way to adulthood.

This year I’m living off campus for the first time. While it is very nice to escape John Carroll University and come home to my own room each night, it also makes me more aware of the responsibilities the real world entails. 

If you leave the light on all night you will pay for it. And cable isn’t a necessity, it is a luxury.

My roommate and I currently live without cable and we’re doing alright. Though on occasion I still find myself sitting down in front of the T.V. only to remember there won’t be anything on.

This summer I was pulled over on my way to work. As I frantically tried to figure out what I had done wrong a police officer walked over to my SUV. I rolled down my window and she asked me if I knew why she had pulled me over. I honestly didn’t so I said, “no” and instinctively followed it with “sorry.”

She then told me that my license plates were expired… nine months expired. While I’m embarrassed to admit that I had been driving with expired plates for nine months, how many people really check their license plates unless they get a notice in the mail? 

Regardless, I must have missed the memo, because I was in violation of the law. She thankfully let me off with a warning and being the responsible adult that I am, I immediately called my parents. Since I wasn’t in Pa. my dad took care of getting me new stickers, but told me that this would become my responsibility.

There is that word again, responsibility. Everything that once fell to the duty of my parents is now in my hands. 

I have to make sure the bills are paid on time, take care of my car, make my own dinner, wake myself up for class, and everything else that goes along with living on your own. 

While it isn’t always easy and I can’t say I love all of the new responsibilities, especially making my own dinner each night, it is kind of exciting to enter into adulthood. And, in a little over a month I’ll reach an entirely new level of adulthood. —I’ll be 21 and I look forward to my one night of no responsibilities.