The legacy and struggle of the token broken

October 8th, 2009

You have most likely seen this “token broken” person bobble on campus with crutches, with a walking cast, in a brace waiting for elevators, or wearing one shoe.

Being consistently injured provides a new sense of style. Some are questioned by doctors and friends as to why they do not choose the variety of neon colors offered. Not everyone is Elle Woods and wants a pink cast. Being Irish is one thing, but a shamrock decorated cast is another. A 21-year-old token broken is different than one in grade school. As an adult, one is not trying to get 32 signatures of “Get Well Soon” on the regular colored cast. At this age, they are trying to get well soon, they know, thank you.

The long days of recovery are only worsened by re-entering public. When you are the token broken, every creepy stranger wants to talk to you. Beware, for they think they are funny and original. Surprisingly enough there was no, “other guy you should have seen” and no adult is going to make up some ridiculous story for their own entertainment. The jokes about the creepy stranger when crutching away are much more funny, original and entertaining.

Being in a boot more times than your car, this type of cast has unfortunately seen better days. If a token broken has ever given you a lackadaisical hello it’s because he or she was gaining speed and could not slow down. This also presents another issue; a token broken does need a bit more room in the hall way or on the side walk. So as tempting as it is to just stare and be mesmerized by the walking object approaching you, it would be appropriate to move over.

There are certain expectations the general public has about the token broken. If you are familiar with the show “Saved by The Bell,” and the episode when Lisa Turtle breaks her ankle, you know what I am talking about. A phenomenon has been created after this episode known as the “The Sprain” dance. Dancing on one foot is funny for a spectator, but let’s not encourage those who are already broken to risk their health yet again for the sake of reminiscing an 80’s television show.

As much as being the token broken is not exactly fun, it does have it perks: always a seat at the bar, VIP bathroom lines, and legitimate elevator use. But awkward elevator conversation can only go so far when the elevator in AD moves at a snail’s pace.

The third case of token broken is the ankle brace. The subject who is broken, now allowed to wear two shoes again, has entered a new state of happiness. As much as that brace does not want to fit into a certain shoe, the experienced token broken will make it happen. Therefore, do not judge those who jam their ankle braced foot into a pair of sandals, it is a happy day for them.

Everyone knows of one, or has seen this token broken person. And if you’re my friend, I am that person. After eight years of fixing my ankle I regret to say I am in my final stages of healing. I thank all of you for not being offended when I didn’t want you to sign my cast, giving up your seat, and letting me cut in line. And if any of you are wondering, now that I am back in my other shoe, it still FITZ.