Student Union in discussions to bring movie rentals to JCU

October 8th, 2009

Like a soda or a quick snack, students may soon be able to rent DVDs from a vending machine at John Carroll University. 

Members of Student Union are working on a proposal to bring a Reel Qwik DVD kiosk to campus that would allow students to rent movies for $1.99 a night. 

The DVD kiosk allows customers to view over 100 selections, which would be updated frequently, through a glass case. The kiosk would have space for groups to advertise on the machine, according to Maura Jochum, Student Union vice president of communication.

“It is a good idea because it is another option of something to do on campus that is cheap and convenient and not everyone has access to a car,” said sophomore Taylor Greene. 

Customers would use credit cards to rent DVDs. A 10-minute grace period allows the renter to read the movie’s synopsis and

reconsider the selection before being charged. The kiosk also has a LCD screen for viewing movie trailers or displaying advertisements.

Sophomore Meghan Everett is the Student Union senator leading the project.

“Personally, I think that it is a great deal for the campus,” said Everett. “Not only will students be able to easily and conveniently rent movies for less than two dollars, JCU can have the potential to get a small portion of the profit.”

“If JCU and Reel Qwik come to an agreement a machine could be installed as early as this January,” she said.

Reel Qwik DVD Rentals, which is located in Painesville, made a presentation to Student Union, but an agreement has yet to be reached. “

Dorothy Farris, co-owner of the company, said that Reel Qwik and JCU are still exploring options.

“Other people that do what we do around the country that have located kiosks on college campuses have had concerns about lack of rentals during breaks,” she said. “There are ways to mitigate that; we just haven’t had that discussion.”

According to Jochum, if Reel Qwik agrees to place a kiosk on campus, discussions between Student Union and JCU administration will determine the outcome of the proposal.