JCU is back on the air

October 8th, 2009

John Carroll University’s Television Channel 4 begins airing this year on Friday, Oct. 25.

Three shows will be returning this year: “The Sport’s Show,” “Cooking with Cousins” and “The Dish” (formerly “E! Carroll”). 

Senior Joe Kula, who is a host on “The Sport’s Show,” said that there are surprises in store for viewers this year. 

“I’m excited for the new year, but it’s bittersweet because it’s my last,” said Kula.

In addition to returning programs, there are several news shows that will be added to the schedule this year.

One of the new shows that will air on the station includes “JCU All Access,” an informative program that will highlight many of the SUPB programs and events here on campus.  

There is also a second new program that will air, but has yet to be named. However, it is known that the show will be comedy based. 

Lisa Lewis, media services coordinator, encourages all students to get involved.

“They [students] do not have to be a Communications major to participate in television production,” said Lewis. 

Lewis also said that taping programs is flexible and students can be creative in how they set up a show. 

“They do not have to create the show in the television studio in the O’Malley Center.  The ‘Cooking with Cousins’ show, for example, is taped in one of the dorm kitchens,” said Lewis. 

A major difference in the JCU television station is the level of participation. Student participation has almost doubled from that of last year.

Lewis has already set goals for next semester, hoping to add more shows to the station’s schedule.

“We hope to begin a political talk show and bring back a game show to the lineup in the Spring,” said Lewis.