Exposing yourself

September 24th, 2009

I like to gloat as much as anyone, and in my years of being a borderline egomaniac, I’ve learned an important lesson: if you are going to talk big, you have to walk big. That being said, I feel that Maximilian Flessner failed to sufficiently support his boasts in his column last week. These flaws are due for “MAXimum Exposure.”

In the column, Flessner asserted that the practical jokes that he has played on his peers since he started at JCU in the fall of 2005 have not been “fun at other peoples’ expense,” but education for those “lacking in ‘street smarts.’”

His first example, as cruel as it was, supported his claim. Learning to filter information that one accepts as truth is an important lesson.

After that, Flessner strayed away from his point. I would challenge Mr. Flessner to clarify for me the lesson that he taught his friend by posting a false Craig’s List ad causing him personal inconvenience. All that this prank requires is the phone number of the victim (or pupil, as Flessner would contend). Was the lesson not to give notoriously juvenile reporters your phone number?

If so, well done, Max. In the future, I think that Flessner should try to use only evidence that supports his claims, rather than letting them get surmounted by his enormous ego.

I would, however, like to congratulate Flessner on the one place where he was correct: he should apologize, for he has been rude.