It’s the little things that brighten my day

September 24th, 2009

Nothing makes me smile more than taking the time to look around and appreciate what makes my life what it is.

For instance, as I’m writing this column I’m sitting at my favorite computer in the newsroom and right next to me are Katie Sheridan’s red slippers. They aren’t the cleanest things in the world and they certainly aren’t stylish, but these shoes make me smile. They remind me of Sheridan and how much fun we had during Saturday night’s Carroll News shenanigans.

On the desk is the ChapStick I got from the endless supply that was donated to Labre over a year ago. I have four of these tubes in the cup holder of my car, not to mention the thousands that are scattered around my house. There are tons of perks to being an organization president.

What this ChapStick reminds me of though, is praying with Bicycle David. David is a homeless friend from Labre who rides his bike all over Cleveland multiple times a day. He loves Purell, clean socks, Jesus and LeBron James.

It’s little things like writing on my driveway with sidewalk chalk or watching “Glee” on DVR with all of my roommates that make the difference between a good day and a bad day.

When I’m tired, cranky and I’ve been running around for hours on end, I know that a quick fix is one of the many free candy stashes around JCU. I’ll pop into Rodman and grab a Jolly Rancher or head over to the Center for Service and Social Action for a handful of Skittles and a quick conversation with Susan, the CSSA secretary.

What gets me through each day are the memories I’ve made and the hope of more to come. This morning driving to campus, I saw an old man in a yellow trucker hat and it made me happy because it reminded me of the man who wanders around my hometown teaching whoever will listen about Abraham Lincoln.

It’s been a rough week, so everyone take a minute. Look around you right now. What do you see? What does it remind you of? Is it five-day-old pizza that your friend ate despite the fact that there was clearly mold growing from the cheese? Is it a cartoon sent from your grandma blatantly making fun of the fact that you had swine flu? Is it the quad outside of Murphy where you met your campus crush for the first time?

Smile. Life is good.

Each day brings its trials, but today is about taking the time to remember the good things.

It’s about random heartfelt conversations with your roommate on a Sunday. It’s about text messages that only say the word “boobs” and how awesome it is when they play Taylor Swift at Jake’s.

Hang on to the good memories you have and hold out hope that the best is yet to come.