Homecoming tickets sell out in under 72 hours

September 24th, 2009

After three days of ticket sales, the Student Union Programming Board’s Homecoming Committee sold all its tickets to this year’s dance, which will be held at the Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Maura McCool, director of events for SUPB, explained that changes were implemented in ticket sales this year.

One of the changes was the senior pre-sale held on Monday, Sept. 14. Senior Megan McGinnity liked the pre-sale.

“I think it was great that they had a special day for seniors,” she said. “There wasn’t a Senior Day last year, so a lot of the seniors didn’t get their tickets.”

All John Carroll students could purchase tickets starting Tuesday, Sept. 15. The tickets sold out by Wednesday, Sept. 16 at noon.

This year, unlike previous years, students were also only allowed to purchase one ticket during the first week of ticket sales.

“The one ticket per person policy was put into place after the committee had heard a lot of feedback from students last year who felt that JCU students should have the first chance to buy their ticket, before students started purchasing a ticket for a non-JCU friend to attend the dance with them,” McCool said.

The venue for the dance was chosen through a survey e-mailed to the freshman, sophomore and junior classes during last year’s spring semester. Students chose between three places: Cleveland Browns Stadium, Great Lakes Science Center and Sammy’s Metropolitan Ballroom. According to McCool, 60.2 percent of the 467 students that voted in the survey chose Browns Stadium.

Freshman Marisa Rodriguez felt the amount of tickets sold contributed to the problem of selling out so early.

“They only allotted 700 tickets for almost 3,000 students,” she said. “It’s cool to go to different venues like Cleveland Browns Stadium, but I think they should have gotten more tickets.”

The event manager gave SUPB the number of occupants legally allowed in the venue, but space was saved to provide room for a dance floor, the disc jockey and the equipment, and refreshment areas.

“Large campus events also require a large number of faculty and staff chaperones, as well as security to ensure that the event is a safe and enjoyable experience,” said McCool. “In addition to security, the Cleveland Browns also have their own staff that will be present at the event for catering and administrative needs.”

SUPB and the Homecoming Committee also take into account the number of students that can be safely transported to and from the dance by shuttle buses and the cost of students to attend the event. Although students only pay $20 for their ticket, it actually costs more than $50 per student once the food, rental fee, security and transportation costs are all factored in.

These factors led SUPB and the Homecoming Committee to set the limit at the dance to 700 attendees. SUPB does believe that Homecoming should be a campus-wide event, but seniors should continue to get first-dibs on tickets.

“The Homecoming dance is an event to celebrate the spirit of JCU and is open to all students,” McCool said. “However, we do take into consideration that it is the last year for seniors to attend the dance and be a part of celebrating their return to Carroll, their ‘home away from home’ for the past four years.”

Although tickets are sold out, there is still a chance for students to win a ticket to the dance through SUPB’s Web site,, starting Sept. 28.

The dance will be held on Oct. 10 from 8 p.m. to midnight. Homecoming week, which takes place Oct. 7 to Oct. 11, will feature numerous events, including a bonfire, pep rally and live concert by Josh Kelley. The football team plays Marietta College at Don Shula Stadium at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 10.