SAF money utilized

September 17th, 2009

The Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee has decided what projects and activities the Student Activity Fee will go toward this semester. The SAF is charged to full-time undergraduates and amounts to $200 per semester. It is used for numerous activities that directly benefit students through programs, services, facility improvements and events.

While the SAF goes to many projects and events, some of the most recognizable uses of the money have been to club sports, the fitness room, residence life programming and the shuttle program.

For example, the fee pays club sports’ coach stipends, transportation, field rentals or ice time and a part-time staff person. Also, for residence life, the fee is used for large-scale social or educational programs.

“Specifically, the fee supports the purchase of new equipment, the wages for student employees specifically working in the fitness room and the graduate student assigned to staff the room,” according to a Division of Student Affairs pamphlet.

This year, a significant amount of the money is being allotted to the Student Union Programming Board, and since SUPB reaches the most students at once, the funding is the most appropriate use of the SAF, according to the JCU division of student affairs. “The largest fee allocation is for the [SUPB]. In fact, much of the reason the fee exists is the support this board since its primary objective is the social interaction of students

on campus,” said the division newsletter.

SUPB has been allocated $312,000, which goes towards – among other things – funding pep rallies, Homecoming, guest speakers and entertainers, and trips to places such as Indians games or the Cleveland zoo.

      Sometimes, not all of the SAF is used in the designated fiscal year. Any left over money from a previous year will be used the following year. With last year’s leftover SAF, new improvements will be made on The Underground.

Jill White, the student union’s vice present for business affairs, said, “The money used to fund this project came from unused funds from last year’s fee. Basically, there was money available because groups that were allocated funding last year did not spend all of the money that was allocated to them, and it does not roll over from one year to the next.”

The Underground will have more lounge seating, a plasma TV, a pool table, a foosball table and a Wii.

Due to last year’s large freshman class, there were more student activity fees to collect than had been originally budgeted for.

White said, “There were many other approved proposals for this unused funding – many speakers, projects, and activities – that wouldn’t have been possible without this extra funding. If there is unused funding at the end of next year, the same process will take place again.”