Don’t be so harsh on the freshmen

September 17th, 2009

With the incoming class of freshmen comes many things; among them is an inevitable article from an upperclassmen giving “advice” (or essentially just whining) about the incoming JCU class.

Look, I’m a fellow member of 2009; we were all freshmen at one point and we were all confused at where to go and how to act, but I can’t remember it being helpful having some snobby editor in chief stare down her nose and pass judgment on me because she was a few years older and approaching greystreakism. We are supposed to be men and women for others. Get over yourself, “you’ve chosen to go to a Jesuit College…act like it!”

Besides, you’re like 22 years old. Don’t you have better things to worry about than freshmen walking with a bunch of friends because there is strength in numbers? And you’re the only one who cares about people wearing pajamas. I wear athletic shorts and a T-shirt almost everyday to graduate classes and trust me, the professors don’t care what is on your body as much as what’s on your paper. You should know this.

Luckily I was part of a great team and tradition with the wrestling team where I was looked after by the upperclassmen. Sure there were some growing pains and I had a lot to learn, but no one judged me because I was new to the situation.

Here’s the deal freshmen, allow me to offer you some real advice.  First of all, welcome to JCU. We are truly glad you’re here. Don’t pay any attention to upperclassmen that act as if they’re better than you. We’re not; we’re just older and wiser, but that’s okay because we’ve been here for 4-7 years. In fact, feel free to ask questions and pick our brains. We have a lot to offer besides fake IDs and pompous articles. However, you are in a place of more responsibility and with that comes a little growing up. But you can still make some mistakes, have a lot of fun, and get a great education.  None of those things are mutually exclusive. I know from experience.