Beatles continue to rock the world

September 17th, 2009

A Beatles’ revolution has taken the country by storm. Newspapers, magazines and radio shows recount the band’s historic time together from when they were just young musicians in Liverpool to their worldwide recognition as one of the greatest groups of all time. 

Sept. 9 marked another milestone in the Beatles historic run with the release of “The Beatles: Rock Band” and new CD. Though only two of the original four members are still alive, the band continues to please all generations with their eclectic array of music and sounds. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, “[Sept. 9] promises to be a huge day in Beatle’s lore.” It didn’t fail. 

In an interview with, a Beatles fanatic and highly regarded radio industry executive Doug Podell said, “If you’re a Beatles fan, you really like to see the flame continue to burn, and this has lit it up big time.”

After a 22-year wait, each one of the Beatles’ 12 studio albums was released completely digitally remastered. According to Rolling Stone, “Each album will feature the track listings and artwork as it was originally released in the U.K. and comes with expanded booklets including original and newly-written liner notes and rare photos.”

The press release notifying the world of this historic day said that engineers at Abbey Road Studio in London have been working on these albums for the past four years. They are using old and new technology in order to ensure “the authenticity and integrity of the original analogue recordings,” and “the highest fidelity the catalog has seen since its original release.”

Junior Nick Hermez said, “It [their music] is pretty universal. I feel like I can listen to it in the car with my mom.” 

“The Beatles: Rock Band” was also released this week, giving players a chance to not only attain immense fame, but to experience every step on the way to success alongside one of the most influential rock bands of all time. 

As Brett Molina noted in USA Today, “The Beatles: Rock Band is as much a well-crafted lesson in musical history as it is a video game.”  

Players adopt the persona of John, Paul, George or Ringo, and play 45 of the band’s beloved songs over eight chapters. Hardcore fans will notice that a great amount of care was given to details, making the game that much more realistic. 

From a small Liverpool show in 1963 to the band’s first American appearance a year later and finally to their last performance, the game covers the venues significant to the Beatles’ history. 

Each new stage brings corresponding changes in the Fab Four’s hairstyles, clothing and even facial hair, according to USA Today.While the instruments and overall layout are unchanged from the original Rock Band, the Beatles version introduces the option for a three-part harmony. 

“The Beatles: Rock Band” also features never-before-heard commentary from inside the band’s studio, which can be unlocked as you progress farther into the band’s career. 

As it has been dubbed “Beatlemania” by the music industry, the roll out of the remastered albums and the video game wasn’t the only big splash the band made this year. 

In April, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunited to play together in New York to help benefit “Change Begins Within,” a program to raise funds to bring meditation tutorials to public schools. 

Though the Fab Four will never play together again, through the wonders of technology and the drive to keep this music alive, the Beatles continue to transcend generational boundaries and as their one famous song states, they make everyone “come together.”