I love America, dogs … and Michael Vick

September 10th, 2009

We’ve all been paying attention to the recent coverage of NFL quarterback Michael Vick. After his release from jail, everyone has been watching to see how he proceeds to handle himself after serving 18 months in jail for bankrolling and participating in a dog fighting ring out of his home in Virginia. 

So I’m going to say this now … I’m ecstatic that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reinstated Vick and is going to allow him to play in the regular season starting week three. 

He deserves a second chance. 

Now before you jump to conclusions about my feelings on his crime, let me say that what he did was heinous, despicable and truly disgusting. I don’t agree with what he did or condone his actions, but he deserves a second chance. 

Dog lovers have been calling for Vick’s head ever since he was released from jail. They have been protesting his reinstatement and some Philadelphia Eagles fans have even forfeited their game tickets.

All because a man who has already paid his debt to society, which the United States of America’s justice system gave to him, is playing football again. 

To me, these people are acting no better than Vick, objectifying someone for the sake of making a point. There’s a reason why an “eye-for-an-eye” never worked. At first, I understood and expected the outcries against his release and the calls for his lifetime ban from the NFL, but give the guy a chance. 

He went to jail and served his time. Check. Expressed numerous times his remorse and regret for the crime. Check. Rehabilitated and shown he has changed. No check, yet.

That isn’t completely his fault for a couple reasons. One, he hasn’t had enough time to prove he has changed, or that he has been taking the right steps. And two, people aren’t giving him a shot at redemption. Animal societies refuse to work with him and have immediately counted out any chance of Vick turning a new leaf. 

It seems this country has become too individualistic, only caring for ourselves rather than helping a troubled man turn his life around. People need to stop being so egotistical and selfish. That, in itself, is a crime which makes me want to vomit. 

So what I’m understanding from these critics is that every criminal attempting to prove his worth should just be counted out, thrown to the curb, and have their face spat on. We should treat them like the ground we walk on. That can’t be right, can it?

If that’s the case then all criminals should get a life sentence. I mean, if they will never rehabilitate, even from the most trivial of crimes, then there is probably need to put them back into society.

Vick has done everything in his power, and I have faith he will continue to do so, to improve and demonstrate that he’s a good person. 

No one is perfect. People make mistakes, and what would this country be without a little faith and support?

For those of you acting like the animal lovers in Philly, shame on you. Remember, karma always comes back around, so give the guy a chance.