Articles published in September, 2009

Sher It Like It Is: In the business

As tensions run high and sleep runs low, we know we’re in for another long night in The Carroll News room. I’ve already heard the “that’s what she said” joke at least a dozen times tonight, and I’m sure “I’m on a Boat” and “Ice Cream Paint Shop” will blast through this small room soon, probably simultaneously.

New programs aim to attract new students

Proposals from faculty members for 11 new academic programs received over $50,000 in funding for research and further development. According to Academic Vice President John Day, the New Academic Programs Development Funds were provided by a donation to the University that was to be used for academic purposes at the discretion of University President, the Rev. Robert Niehoff.

Carson sets the bar high for late night shows

From 1962 to 1992, Johnny Carson dominated the television ratings and was considered to be one of the best late night hosts of all time. Carson’s “The Tonight Show” set the stage for others like Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien.

It’s not all xeroxing and memos

JCU students with unusual summer internships share their work experiences
While many students found themselves flipping burgers or washing cars to make some cash during the summer, others worked on movie sets, trained wild animals, taught children at nonprofits and preserved legends at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Volleyball team drops four straight

The John Carroll University women’s volleyball team traveled to Pittsburgh, Pa. this weekend to play in the Carnegie Mellon Crossover. They entered this weekend feeling good and owning a record of 7-5. However, four tough opponents in a two-day span saw JCU drop four consecutive matches and fall to 7-9.

Homecoming tickets sell out in under 72 hours

After three days of ticket sales, the Student Union Programming Board’s Homecoming Committee sold all its tickets to this year’s dance, which will be held at the Cleveland Browns Stadium. Maura McCool, director of events for SUPB, explained that changes were implemented in ticket sales this year.

OurView: It’s the little things that brighten my day

Nothing makes me smile more than taking the time to look around and appreciate what makes my life what it is.

JCU reacts quickly to tragedy

This past week the John Carroll community had to deal with two deaths that brought a wave of sadness and reverence over campus. In light of the tragedies, though, JCU did a great job of reacting and putting together services to remember the victims.

Football team wins Cuyahoga Gold Bowl

Blue Streaks knock off B-W to bring the rock back to JCU
There was plenty of electricity flowing through the lighting towers surrounding Don Shula Stadium Saturday night, but the real high voltage was on the field as John Carroll University knocked off Baldwin-Wallace College, 43-29.

Tim's Turn: How shallow will we go?

Famed Ohio State University head football coach Woody Hayes used to operate under the adage that “you win with people,” suggesting that character and work ethic would eventually overtake pure talent.

Letter to the Editor: Exposing yourself

I like to gloat as much as anyone, and in my years of being a borderline egomaniac, I’ve learned an important lesson: if you are going to talk big, you have to walk big. That being said, I feel that Maximilian Flessner failed to sufficiently support his boasts in his column last week. These flaws are due for “MAXimum Exposure.”

That's what See said: I want my MTV back

I grew up on MTV. I give it more credit for forming me than I give my parents, peers or schools. But the MTV I knew is gone.

Injury bug continues to bite JCU men’s soccer team

Despite being bit by the injury bug, the John Carroll men’s soccer team was able to hold their own the past week, posting a 2-0-1 record. With senior goalkeeper Matt DeMarchi and senior Steve Rock both out with injuries, the Blue Streaks picked up big wins against Case Western Reserve University, Trine University and Kalamazoo College.

JCU mourns last weekend’s losses

Professor’s son passes away in ATV accident
The 15-year-old son of a John Carroll University faculty member died in an ATV accident this past weekend.

JCU mourns last weekend’s losses

JCU sophomore dies on campus
John Carroll University was troubled last Sunday with the news that a student was found dead in his dorm room. Nineteen-year-old sophomore Frank Kinmonth was found dead by sophomore roommate Rudy Donatelli at 3:55 a.m. in Millor Hall.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week dazzles

The spring and summer 2010 designs were displayed in New York City this past week
Sept. 10 marked the beginning of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) in New York City for the 2010 spring and summer collections. As always, the event attracted A-list celebrities such as Madonna, Charlize Theron and Victoria “Posh” Beckham. With more than 63 shows and 100,000 attendees, travel was this year’s MBFW fashion statement.

World Wide Web: Exporting the E.U.

The Arab world faces a future catastrophe. Oil is literally the only thing keeping the region’s economies afloat. But this dependence leads to rampant government corruption and economic instability. And what’s worse, one day the oil wells will run dry.

Obama scraps plan for missile shield

In a move which for the time being has improved relations with Russia, President Barack Obama announced his decision to switch from the prescribed anti-ballistic missile shield plan of the Bush administration.

After months of talks, Baucus unveils health care reform bill

The push for health care reform intensified last Wednesday when Sen. Max Baucus released his much anticipated bill.

Campus departments tighten their organization and efficiency

The John Carroll University community has undergone reorganization changes this semester as the Information Technology Services, Student Service Center, Facilities and Academic Advising have new operational procedures. Information Technology Services has been reorganized into three units: System and Network Operations, Applications Development and Learning Support Services (LSS).

MAXimum Exposure: I might start taking a taxi cab

I hate to be blunt, but this is fact: Cleveland people are bad at driving. Plain and simple. I’d like to say it’s okay, you’ll learn, but I’m not sure you’ll learn and it’s not okay—I could be killed, and recently almost was. Twice.

Five years of friendship

While bright-blue coolers filled to the brim with sausage patties and 20 gallon bins overflowing with donated clothes sit in the John Carroll University vans, a group of 20 students gather together in Rodman Chapel for a brief reflection before heading out into the streets of downtown Cleveland. Their destinations are sidewalk grates, tents in the woods and camps under the over-passes. They are headed to the “homes” of the homeless.

Business Corner: The Uncertainty of the NFL’s Future

What many of us forget is that the NFL is a business where owners’ and players’ financial interests will take precedent over the fans “need” for entertainment.

John Carroll University diversifies by hiring foreign faculty

This fall, John Carroll University welcomed six new international faculty members to its community. The new professors bring with them backgrounds and cultures that differ from many of the American faculty and students of JCU.

Women’s golf season preview

So far: The Blue Streaks began their season a week after the men’s team, and had pretty good success for such a young team. In the two-day event, they were tied for sixth place in a ten-team field after the first round. However, a rough day two dropped them back two slots to an eighth…