Articles published in April, 2009

Bonuses spark a populist outrage

All too often, the sight of men in expensive suits getting scolded by a congressional committee or being hauled off in handcuffs graces television screens. The most recent in the long line of egregious actions of mismanagement was the distribution of bonuses to executives of AIG from funds they received from the federal bailout package.

Blue Streaks softball team splits OAC opener

The opening day of conference play was a tale of two different games for the John Carroll University softball team, as it split its first series in the Ohio Athletic Conference. The Blue Streaks came out on top in the first game due to some late game heroics, but dropped the second game, 7-4, to the Cardinals of Otterbein College.

An optimistic outlook can have positive affects on health

According to an article in TIME Magazine there may be new incentive to maintain a positive outlook on life. A recent study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh has shown an association between having an optimistic outlook and living longer, in woman.

That's what See said: Flying high with Corey Haim

Last Thursday I witnessed the most interesting, thought-provoking and possibly most controversial flyer ever posted in the confines of academia. It was on a red piece of paper and it had a former Teen Beat cover boy’s face on it. Apparently, Corey Haim needed to be found, and we, the Blue Streaks, were the chosen few to find him. The flyer had a phone number and everything, so it had to be legit.

World Wide Web: Plan B

The biggest security threat to the United States is not Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea or even Iran. It’s Pakistan. A nuclear-armed state, Pakistan is plagued by political instability, which has allowed members of al-Qaeda and the Taliban, driven out of Afghanistan by U.S. forces, to form strongholds along Pakistan’s western border.

Business Corner: Is the money you have in your bank account safe?

With all of the negative news surrounding the American banking system, some people in the media have begun questioning whether the money in their bank accounts is safe. The simple answer to this question is yes, the money in your bank account is secure.

How to look good on a budget

When it comes to clothes, many John Carroll University students rock the sweatpants and sweatshirt combo with great frequency. However, whether giving a presentation for a class or going to an internship or job interview, it can be important to look put-together at times.

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: It was nice to be the boss…sometimes

I won’t get into the power of the press lecture. But I will say that even the best journalism is powerless if no one cares what it reports. I’m glad if you’ve enjoyed this column, and I’m sad this is my last one. But if you have even once liked something I’ve written, please do me a favor - read the front page.

A guide to handling springtime at JCU

The weather is starting to break into a fine spring, and here’s what is going to happen. People who live in Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Chicago or any other feeder city to John Carroll are not going to know how to respond. Let me enlighten you all on the subject.

Improve your sun smarts

With beach season on the horizon, students are heading to the tanning beds to erase the signs of pasty winter complexions. There is much controversy when it comes to artificial tanning. A golden tan, as a sign of beauty, has been fashionable for decades. Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins helped to make the trend popular…

The house that debt built

John Carroll University is seeking to demolish five University-owned homes on Milford Road, whose residents include JCU students, to make room for a new athletic field. Dora Pruce, director of government and community relations at JCU, said that the current athletic facilities are not up to par and that the University needs to make additions in order to compete with other schools for new students.

Baseball team splits with Baldwin-Wallace

For the second weekend in a row, the John Carroll University men’s baseball team went on the road and came home with a split. This time, the Blue Streaks fell victim to host Baldwin-Wallace College in the opener, 13-5, and then came back with a 7-4 victory in the nightcap.

When did helping become a burden?

Remember when we were younger and our parents told us to treat others the way we would want to be treated, to respect your elders and help those in need? They wanted to mold us into well-rounded human beings who would contribute to society.

G20 to consider $1 trillion stimulus package for developing countries

The G20, a group of the world’s 19 largest national economies plus the European Union, will meet in London today to discuss possible solutions to the financial crisis and global recession.

Grades reflect quality of work

Students at John Carroll University aim for high grades, but not all seem to be willing to put in the necessary amount of work required to earn them. Students who are under these false assumptions need to understand that if the work that is completed is done poorly, the grade they receive will reflect it accordingly.