Jack’s Mannequin brings down the house

April 23rd, 2009
Jack’s Mannequin rock and rolled on stage Saturday night.

Jack’s Mannequin rock and rolled on stage Saturday night.

With the stage set and ready to go, Jack’s Mannequin took the floor and gave an unforgettable show to John Carroll University students and the local community.

A large part of the concert’s success was due to the great audience turnout. The atmosphere was upbeat and exciting.

Fans sang along and danced to beats that lived up to the precedents set by their album, “Glass Passenger.”

Junior Erin Considine agreed. She said, “They were really good live performers. They did a good job and they had a good set list.”

While the fans were enjoying the concert, it seemed as if the band was having a fun time as well.

During the concert, they did an exceptional job involving the audience by telling stories and funny jokes.

Junior Laura Heid said, “It was really lively and fun to watch.”

Andrew McMahon, lead vocalist, energized the show with his entertaining tactics of jumping on the piano and walking across the keys. “I would definitely have given it a five out of five,” said Heid.

It seemed as if the four band members sincerely wanted to be at JCU playing for everyone.

They were even spotted on Coventry Road later that night continuing the celebration and fun.

The concert ran smoothly, and JCU’s concert committee did a great job making sure the performance ran without any gaffes.

Jack’s Mannequin will continue to tour the country, with their next stop at the University of Scranton on April 25.

Following their stop in Pennsylvania, the band will travel to Marist College the next day, the House of Blues in Boston the following day and down to Baltimore on April 29.

Overall, the concert was a gold star performance and deserves a commendable recognition of Jack’s Mannequin, along with Matt Nathanson and Low vs. Diamond, the opening performances.

Interview with Jack’s Mannequin’s Andrew McMahon

On Saturday, April 18, Jack’s Mannequin rocked out the DeCarlo Varsity Center for the annual spring concert. Prior to that, senior Anne McCarthy sat down with lead vocalist and pianist Andrew McMahon.

Q: What are some of your biggest musical influences?
A: I grew up on Billy Joel and Elton John. Later in life bands like Weezer and the Counting Crows. Also, Neil Young and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.
Q: What are your favorite things about the college experience—either from visiting schools or when you went to school?
A: Well, I didn’t attend college. I began touring right out of high school. So it’s a good experience for us. It’s definitely fun after the shows, and we tend to go out on campus, which is fun.
Q: What do you love most about music?
A: As a fan I love that you can be in a certain headspace in your daily life and you put on a song or record and transport yourself and forget your worries. You can go to a higher level of connection. And as a musician myself, there is the traveling and facilitating that [musical connection] for other people. I’m living my dream, and hopefully doing it well. It’s all about fostering a connection.
Q: What are your favorite parts about traveling around the country to play concerts?
A: I moved a lot when I was growing up. I love the aspect of meeting new people. There is the energy of renewal every time you wake up somewhere different. And there is also that attachment to the idea of starting fresh. It has an intoxicating quality.