Cafeteria door closing in fall

April 23rd, 2009

The Associate Dean of Students, Donna Byrnes, has acted on a resolution passed by Student Union recommending that the doors to the cafeteria by the LSC Conference Room be closed next fall. However, the doors will still be left open to serve as an exit from the cafeteria.

The goal of closing the doors is to cut down on confusion at the counter in the cafeteria where students swipe their cards as well as force more traffic through the atrium where many student organizations post information. We are against closing the doors.

One of the reasons cited for the closing of the doors is that by opening the doors this year there has been less traffic in the atrium, so groups that promote themselves or their events in the atrium receive less publicity than in the past. Student groups upset by less traffic in the atrium should get more creative with the placement and location of their marketing and advertisements.

While we recognize the positive effects that result from this change, it is an unnecessary inconvenience. The extra entrance allows for less traffic and congestion in either the atrium or hallway by the LSC Conference Room.

Also, students living in Dolan, Murphy and Sutowski Halls will have to walk farther in order to get to the cafeteria. Since most of the students who eat at the cafeteria are students who live on campus, the decision to close the doors would have the most negative effects on students who actually use the cafeteria the most.

A decision such as this, which affects a large portion of the student body, should not be left to a single administrator. Instead, it should be based on the convenience of the customers, in this case, students who use the cafeteria.