JCU grad awarded Campion Shield for bravery, heroism

March 26th, 2009

For the first time since 2004, John Carroll University will give out the Campion Shield to a member of the alumni community.

JCU class of 1968 graduate Fred A. Hartman Jr. is the 2009 recipient of the Campion Shield. William Ward, a 1969 graduate, nominated Hartman, who died serving in the Vietnam War.

The Campion Shield is sponsored and funded by the St. Edmund Campion Society of JCU.

It encourages the individual to act on behalf of others and behave in a way that Jesuit martyr St. Edmund Campion did.

It also affirms the Jesuit ideal of being men and women for others, a principle reinforced in the mission of JCU.

The late Hartman was a student at JCU who volunteered for the Marine Corps during his time here. Upon graduation, he felt his service to the country was not complete. He volunteered to serve in the Vietnam War.
In April 1969, Hartman was in charge of a rifle platoon that had the mission of searching out Viet Cong in an area where they were known to hide.

His unit came upon a large open area. Hartman, knowing that the possibility of ambush and sniper fire were great, chose to take the load off his platoon.

He did this so his point man was not exposed. While leading the platoon across the area, Hartman was shot and killed by enemy sniper fire.

Hartman was posthumously awarded two Purple Hearts and a Legion of Merit.

On May 15, Hartman’s family and friends will accept the Campion Shield on his behalf at the annual Alumni Awards Dinner.

He will be recognized for his great courage, heroism and bravery. The Campion Shield will be added to his other awards.

“Fred was an all-American. He honored God, his country, and his family, in that order. He loved JCU; it is where he gained his moral principles and values,” said Ward. “Nominating him for this award is a way of keeping his memory alive.”

Both the award and the JCU residence hall are named after St. Edward Campion, the Jesuit martyr.

The display in the lobby of Campion Hall shows St. Edmund as a brave and selfless leader who acted on the behalf of others. He was later executed for his actions. The Campion Shield is only given to those who also live their lives so that others may benefit.

The goal is to give this award out annually, but no one has met the strict and heroic qualifications in the past five years.