Ticket sales go online

March 19th, 2009

Buying tickets for JCU-sponsored events just became a whole lot easier. The Student Union Programming Board is now implementing an online process that allows students to simply log in to an online site and buy tickets to events.

Now through an Internet box office, University Tickets, students can buy tickets during any time of the day for events like concerts, speakers and theater shows. This can be done at the students’ own convenience. We applaud the SUPB for addressing and correcting this issue and believe this new method will diminish the problems plaguing ticket sales and attendance. 

In the past, event tickets were typically sold in person at various on-campus locations during limited times. This method left many students unable to purchase tickets, either because the selling times were inconvenient or tickets quickly sold out. This especially affected off-campus students who were rarely able to get to ticket selling locations.

Additionally, the service also reduces the SUPB’s burden of finding people to staff various selling locations at certain times. This will allow the organization’s members to utilize time more efficiently. 

And with this extra time, we hope the SUPB continues to dedicate itself in making events more accessible and finding the best possible ways to accommodate students.