Articles published in March, 2009

A Matter of Life and Death

More than eight years ago, John Carroll University student Joshua Beck went into cardiac arrest and later died from what could have been an avoidable situation. As a result, a staff of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) was created by two fellow students. Now, almost a decade later, the University should support new steps to keep the campus community safe.

I’ve Got the Opening Day Blues

As Major League Baseball’s Opening Day fast approaches us, I’m wrought with one number plaguing my mind: 16. Why 16, you ask? That’s how many years it’s been since my Pittsburgh Pirates finished with a winning record. Yes, I know you’re surprised—you didn’t know Pittsburgh even had a baseball team.

Lo Castro's Lowdown: The Lowdown’s Final Curtain Call

The first time I ever read anything by Thoreau, I was in junior high. My class watched the movie, “The Outsiders” and afterwards, while all the girls were wooing over Patrick Swayze and Emilio Estevez, the only thing of substance I could regurgitate was Ponyboy Curtis’ rendition of “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” Ten years later, I’ve come to adore Thoreau and realize the truths found in juvenile perplexity. It’s true—nothing gold can stay.

Senate debates punitive tax on AIG bonuses

A heated public outcry was the response to the bonuses awarded to top employees at the American International Group. Now, Andrew M. Cuomo, attorney general of New York state, has announced that he persuaded nine of the top ten bonus recipients to give back their money.

New Mexico repeals death penalty

Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico signed a bill last Wednesday that will repeal the state’s use of the death penalty. The new law, which has been in legislative session for more than ten years, will replace capital punishment with life without parole.

Rome is Zurning: Farewell Address

As it is often said, all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, and probably for some fortunately, this will be my last column in this newspaper.

Grade entitlement at John Carroll?

High GPAs and even higher test scores are the goals of most, if not all, students today. But do John Carroll University students feel they deserve high grades even if their work isn’t up to par?

JCU homes may make for a new sports field

John Carroll University officials made a request to the University Heights City Council last December to demolish five University-owned homes on Milford Road and one on Warrensville Center Road to make room for a University athletic field. The council met again last week to discuss the issue, but has yet to approve the project.

JCU grad awarded Campion Shield for bravery, heroism

For the first time since 2004, John Carroll University will give out the Campion Shield to a member of the alumni community. JCU class of 1968 graduate Fred A. Hartman Jr. is the 2009 recipient of the Campion Shield. William Ward, a 1969 graduate, nominated Hartman, who died serving in the Vietnam War.

JCU Athletics Weekly Round-Up: Weekly Round-Up for March 26, 2009

The Blue Streaks women’s tennis team returned to action after their Spring Break trip to Orlando, Fla. by taking on neighborhood foe Case Western Reserve University. The women’s team had a very successful day, defeating the Spartans 7-2.

That's what See said: The Joys of Being so Phresh and so Clean

The term “sophomore” is believed to be derived from the Greek words sophos (meaning wise) and moros (meaning foolish). Putting those roots together makes a sophomore “a wise fool.” It’s ironic that one-fourth of the time spent at a place of higher learning would be under such a title, but I think that’s the beauty of it.

Szuch elected editor in chief for ‘09

Senior Rachel Szuch was elected editor in chief of The Carroll News on March 19. She will serve for the remainder of the 2009 year.

Dating on a budget

In these tough economic times, it’s important to balance being a college student with saving some coin. You need to find every corner you can cut, and not just in the classroom, but in your love life as well.

Softball continues on with national ranking

After starting the season 9-1 on their Spring Break trip to Clermont, Fla., the John Carroll University softball team had a two-week layoff because of weather cancellations.Rust could have been a factor as to why the Blue Streaks, ranked No. 15 nationally, split a doubleheader with Wittenberg University.

Blue Streaks split OAC opening series

After returning from their Spring Break trip to Florida with warm bats that powered the Blue Streaks to an 8-1 start, it appeared those bats had become cold along with the weather in their return to Cleveland. On the trip, the Blue Streaks offense exploded for 87 runs in nine games. In their first three games back in Ohio, they mustered just nine runs.

‘Read to Achieve’ scores big: Cavaliers players take the time to stress the importance of reading to kids

In hopes of reaching out to the kids, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Time Warner Cable have partnered for a program called “Read to Achieve” in hopes of inspiring children to read. On March 18, three Cavaliers players continued this outreach by reading to kids before a special screening of “Monsters vs. Aliens.”

The Carroll News – 2009 MLB Preview

A preview of 2009 for the MLB

The historic Tremont neighborhood features art, culture and more

With historical churches, Victorian homes, dozens of art galleries, trendy restaurants and swanky bars, Tremont has become a Cleveland hotspot. The neighborhood’s rich history led the way for the cultivation of Cleveland’s very own art nook. The area is known for its many galleries, featuring a diverse collection of art from both local and national artists.

Such and Szuch: Paying for pain and suffering in style: the curse of the high heel

One could argue that the key here is to purchase a pair of high heels that are stylish yet comfortable, but I would have to contend that such a shoe doesn’t exist. The words high heel and comfort simply don’t mix.

Lost Support for Streaks

It has been quite some time since John Carroll University has hosted an event so exciting and popular that tickets sell out in a matter of hours. For the NCAA Division III basketball tournament two weekends ago, this was exactly the case. However, logistics for ticket buying and seating were inadequate, causing the event to be a disappointment for hundreds of students.

Two in the Box: Athletes need reality check

With the economy in its current state, everything is affected – even sports. That apparently has the Detroit Pistons’ Rasheed Wallace losing some sleep.

Obama funds embryonic stem cells

President Barack Obama issued an executive order last Monday that will significantly increase the amount of federal funds given to embryonic stem cell researchers. The order overturns a restriction on such research set by President George W. Bush in 2001, which limited funds to 21 pre-existing embryonic stem cell lines.

Lo Castro's Lowdown: Compromising safety, yet again

I tried really hard, but like Mike Moran during a hoops game, this column is about to get a little insane. While I was planning on penning some capricious discourse on child beauty pageants, a story concerning Campus Safety Services presented itself and spoke to me in ways I just could not disregard.

Ticket sales go online

Buying tickets for JCU-sponsored events just became a whole lot easier. The Student Union Programming Board is now implementing an online process that allows students to simply log in to an online site and buy tickets to events.

Guarantee is a no-go

Troubling economic times call for complicated budget cuts and painful setbacks. John Carroll University has proposed budget cuts that affect faculty, staff and students. Among some of the new proposals are an update of mandatory graduation hours and a new marketing campaign to “guarantee graduation.”