JCU students robbed on S. Belvoir

December 6th, 2007

Three John Carroll University students were robbed of several possessions that included a wallet, cell phone and camera while walking down South Belvoir Blvd. towards campus late at night on Tuesday, November 20.

The robbery occurred on the corner of South Belvoir and Fairmount Blvd.

The suspects were reported to have a gun, but the JCU victims were unharmed.
Police are investigating a robbery spree that may be related.

Robberies happened in Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights and Beachwood.

Although no robberies occurred on campus or within campus jurisdiction, JCU Campus Safety Services were contacted because the three victims attend JCU.

While most of the campus had gone home for Thanksgiving break earlier that Tuesday, the three victims remained on campus.

They used the RTA for transportation to an event downtown.

Around 10:50 p.m., they were returning from the event and on the walk back to JCU’s campus were stopped in Shaker Heights, just feet from the University Heights city limit.

CSS Chief Timothy Peppard is confident that the robbers will be caught and the case will be solved.
“I don’t have all the details, but the police department has identified a suspect in this case. “
“There’s a decent likelihood that the people involved will be apprehended, ” he said.

Peppard has been in contact with detectives from the Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights Police Departments.

He said that in due time they will apprehend the individuals.

“[The robberies are] bad news, terrible situation, but I believe the people involved in this will be subsequently arrested and prosecuted,” said Peppard.

“They’ll eventually get everyone.”

Peppard said that in the series of four to five robberies that night in the greater Cleveland area, police made some immediate arrests.

Not all of the suspects in the cases have been identified or arrested, but according to Peppard the process will take time to finalize and complete everything.

“The people responsible for this are lying low right now,” he said.

Peppard said the JCU students who were robbed acted appropriately in such a drastic situation.
He said, “If somebody wants your possessions you give them your possessions.
Peppard added, “You always tell people to travel in groups, and in this particular case they did things reasonably correct.”

Peppard advises that in a possible dangerous situation, it is wise to travel with a number of people. He was surprised that the suspects were so bold in approaching a group.