Candidacy approval

December 6th, 2007

The Student Union passed legislation that would require candidates to receive written approval from the dean of students before they can run for a student government position. The SU should revoke this legislation because it gives the administration more power over who can serve in the student government and diminishes the power of the student body.
The bill does not specify what would and would not constitute the dean from withholding her approval for a candidate. This creates a frightening precedent for administrative oversight of student activities.
It is the responsibility of the student body to elect their leaders. Therefore, the SU should have faith in the student body to choose the best candidates for each position.
They are overstepping their bounds by limiting the pool of competition.
If the SU still finds it necessary for a student to gain approval to run, they need to specifically outline what violations would constitute the dean not approving a candidate.
The point of the SU is to be the voice of the students to the administration. Allowing the administration to decide who can and cannot run destroys this purpose.
The lack of competition of this year’s senate races shows how counterproductive this legislation really is.
The SU should be working to transfer more power from administrators to the student body. This legislation does the exact opposite.
The Student Union is a self-proclaimed student-run organization. Now it is student run, as long the administration approves. Running this so-called background check on students also creates a bias that allows only certain individuals to run and discourages other qualified individuals.