Articles published in December, 2007

Dreaming white

John Carroll University’s Winter Formal theme received a mixed response last week, prompting an apology from the Student Union Programming Board and the Office of Student Activities. According to a statement made by SUPB and the Winter Formal Committee, the Winter Formal theme “I’m Dreaming of a White Cleveland,” was not meant to be offensive or insensitive.

UH council passes landlord bill

Living off campus will now hold more responsibility for John Carroll University students. The University Heights City Council passed four ordinances on November 19 that will allow for heavier fines and penalties on both landlords and renters who are labeled as nuisances.

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: The argument about debate

Secret societies exist at colleges across the country that love printing stuff and then arguing about the stuff they printed. The more widely used term for these societies is “debate teams.” There is one at this school, and from what I hear they’re pretty good. After a semester of debate class, I walked away with one feeling towards this academic endeavor– respect.

Winter formal mistake

There is no reason to believe the decision to have the theme for Winter Formal be “I’m Dreaming of a White Cleveland” was intended to be hurtful. The theme was based off of Bing Crosby’s “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.”

Candidacy approval

he Student Union passed legislation that would require candidates to receive written approval from the dean of students before they can run for a student government position.

SU bill to limit the field

The Student Union Senate passed a bill forcing students to get written approval from the dean of students before they can run for the Senate or Executive Board.

Holiday cheer spread to youngsters

The John Carroll University community welcomed 85 children on Saturday to share in the magic of the holiday season. Through the Eyes of a Child is an annual event in which children are able to participate in crafts, listen to a story, decorate cookies, watch a play, take a picture with Santa Claus and enjoy a Christmas lunch.

Platooning their way to greatness

John Carroll University men’s basketball team does not follow the traditional standard in basketball. Rather than running a usual sub-package, JCU employs a much different strategy.

Two in the Box: Let the celebration begin

It is about time that the NCAA football enters the 21st century. They still don’t have a playoff format as Ohio State and the team that has not been beaten in regulation, LSU, backed into the National Championship. Also, it is somehow illegal for 18-22 year old kids to act their age and celebrate.

Man with fake bomb walks into Clinton office

A man walked into a Hillary Clinton campaign office in New Hampshire saying he was armed with explosives. It turned out it was only road flares.

College to make students use and pay for cell phones

A new requirement will demand students of Montclair State University in New Jersey to carry a cell phone at all times. Not only is the cell phone required, but students are also responsible for paying $420 for it. The yearly bill will be added on to every students tuition bill, according to The Associated Press.

Wrestling off to up and down start

When the seven Ohio Athletic Conference coaches cast their ballots for the preseason rankings it was Heidelberg who was at the top of the list. John Carroll University was second on the list. A lot of teams would be satisfied with a number two ranking, but not the Blue Streaks.

Murdered student also Internet porn star

Wichita, Kansas has been in the national spotlight recently after a story broke of a missing Butler Community College student. The search for the student, 18-year-old Emily Sander, came to an end after police found her body about 50 miles east of the town El Dorado, according to Fox News. Sander was last seen on November 23 leaving a bar with 24-year old Israel Mireles.

JCU students robbed on S. Belvoir

Three John Carroll University students were robbed of several possessions that included a wallet, cell phone and camera while walking down South Belvoir Blvd. towards campus late at night on Tuesday, November 20.

President Bush goes after Mid-East peace

Almost 60 years to the day that the United Nations announced the partition of the Holy Land into Arab and Jewish states, the leaders of Israel and Palestine met to discuss peace.

And thats a wrap on Fall Semester – thank God.

You would think that after a much needed two week hiatus from The Carroll News, someone with my superior intellect would come back with another ingenious column. However, I am completely swamped with school work so I will take this opportunity simply to vent about pretty much anything I want. Let’s begin with Christmas shall we? If I can even still call it that.

Musharraf to end emergency rule

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said last Thursday he would end the state of emergency next month, after domestic and international pressure to restore normal government ahead of general elections this January.

Women’s basketball hampered by poor shooting

A great basketball coach can teach a lot of things – but no coach can teach experience. The 2007 John Carroll women’s basketball roster has only two seniors, Molly Scholla and Abby Baum.