‘The Heartbreak Kid’ is a disappointment

October 11th, 2007

The Farrelly Brothers, creators of the 1998 hit “Something About Mary,” have teamed up with funny man Ben Stiller again to bring us another raunchy comedy. “The Heartbreak Kid” stars Stiller as Eddie Cantrow, a bachelor in his mid-forty’s who has a serious commitment issue.

Eddie is initially rather content with his single-status until, by a chance encounter, he meets a blond vixen named Lila (Malin Akerman). Lila seems absolutely perfect–that is if looks are all that matter to you.

Heartbreak Kid

Eddie and Lila fall head over heels for each other after just a few weeks. Constantly all over each other, they never seem to have any meaningful conversations, just a strong physical connection.

Thus, when Lila informs Eddie of her possible job relocation to Rotterdam, Eddie turns to his foul-mouthed, sex-obsessed father (Jerry Stiller) and his friend, Mac (Rob Corddry) for advice.

After quite a bit of persuasion, Eddie decides to marry Lila after only a few weeks of dating. All of this just to keep her from relocating–bad decision.

As the newlyweds road trip down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for their honeymoon, Eddie quickly begins to realize what a huge mistake he has made.

Not only is Lila unimaginably annoying, but Eddie also finds out that her aforementioned job is really a volunteer position and that she is more then twenty thousand dollars in debt.

Then, as they spend their first night together as husband and wife, Eddie discovers that Lila is intensely sexually awkward. In addition, she has a ridiculous deviated septum as a result of a past cocaine addiction. Wow, talk about not knowing someone.

Thanks to the massively hot Mexican sun and an overdose application of mineral oil, Lila ends up getting such severe sunburn that she is covered in painful boils and blisters. So, with his new wife confined to their hotel room, Eddie is able to explore Cabo all on his own.

Enter Miranda (Michelle Monaghan), a Mississippi girl-next-door on vacation, celebrating her aunt and uncle’s wedding anniversary, with several members of her extended family. Eddie soon falls in love with Miranda, who has no idea that he is married and on his honeymoon. Frantically, Eddie tries to find a way to tell Miranda the truth about his marital mistake. Unfortunately, Lila and Miranda find out about each other all on their own, leaving Eddie all alone again.

As for the acting, none of the actors in the film offer very much insight into the psychology of their characters. For the most part, all of the actors simply try too hard to be funny. With an excessive amount of cursing, over-the-top bedroom scenes and mindless humor, “The Heartbreak Kid” was just overdone.

Ben Stiller’s character had no depth and offered no real acting challenges; it’s the same character we’ve seen him play in his previous roles. Jerry Stiller wasn’t at his best, either. The constant curse words spewing from his mouth seemed completely unnatural and just didn’t suit. However, some scenes were just so dumb that you couldn’t help but laugh.

Does Eddie win back Miranda’s heart or will he be doomed to the single life indefinitely? I guess you’ll have to see for yourself.

So if you enjoy shallow humor, I suppose “The Heartbreak Kid” wouldn’t be a complete waste of time. But, I’d recommend waiting for it to come out on cable.