Shouldn’t Congress have something better to do with its time?

October 11th, 2007

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh is no newcomer to controversy. However, the one he is involved in right now is fabricated. It is an attempt to assassinate his character by twisting and contorting his words to make him something he is not.

A liberal group known as Media Matters has started a rumor about Limbaugh claiming he is anti-military because he used the term “phony soldiers” on his program. Media Matters says that he was calling all U.S. military personnel who disagree with the Iraq war as phony soldiers. That is not true.

Limbaugh was referring to a man by the name of Jesse MacBeth. MacBeth joined the U.S. Army, but was thrown out of basic training after 44 days. MacBeth then went on to join a group called Iraq Veterans against the war, claiming to be an Army Ranger that earned a Purple Heart. This liar was eventually busted and was prosecuted for his work.
Media Matters knows what Limbaugh was saying, but they willingly took his words out of context to try and hurt him and his career. That is what these types of pathetic people do. Remember the attack of General David Petraeus calling him “General Betray-us?” This is the same type of organization and they are even funded by the same people. Go figure.

Now, it’s bad enough that these disgusting Web sites exist, but it is even more disturbing when the mainstream media and even prominent politicians uses sites like Media Matters as a credible source of information. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is perhaps the worst leader in America, took to the Senate floor to denounce Rush Limbaugh over this hoopla.

Allow me to remind you that Congress’s approval ratings are in the teens, and it’s very easy to see why. The Senate is wasting the tax payers time and money to debate a radio talk show host. It is no coincidence that they would do something this stupid.
The Democrats in Congress are extremely frustrated that they have not been able to really do anything of substance since they took control last November. They think that they won a majority to end the Iraq war, but President Bush has owned them on that subject consistently. The only real power that Congress has to end the war is to cut off funding, and the Democrats are too cowardly to take such a drastic step.

In the meantime, they decide it is smart to go after someone like Rush Limbaugh. It is very rare for Senators to attack a civilian like this, but their impotence compels them to act immaturely.

If Senator Harry Reid really cared about people who talk ill of the military and our brave troops, perhaps he should start with some within his own party who have made some very disturbing comments regarding the armed forces.
For instance, fellow Democratic Senator Dick Durbin compared the way our military detains prisoners to that of the Nazis and the Soviet Union. Barack Obama said recently of the situation in Iraq, “We’ve got to get the job done there and that requires us to have enough troops so that we’re not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous pressure over there.” We are not air-raiding villages senator.
Remember last year when John Kerry told a group of people that if they do not study hard they will end up stuck in Iraq? Or what about Congressman John Murtha, who accused Marines of “cold blooded murder” in Haditha, Iraq before an investigation even took place.
By the way, not one Marine has been convicted in that case and Murtha has not apologized for his comments. And finally, Harry Reid himself would not even condemn the attack ad on General Petraeus, so does that make him a hypocrite? I’ll let you make up your own mind.

I could give you numerous more examples of people in Congress denigrating the troops, but Harry Reid is more worried about a radio talk show host.
Let me give Mr. Reid some advice, stop wasting the American public’s time on something you picked up from a Web site. I realize the people behind those sites are who contribute to you and run your party, but have a little backbone and stand up to their tactics. Even television news legend Ted Koppel was disturbed by the Senate discussing Limbaugh’s comments. He recently said that if this is the most constructive issue our Senators have to talk about, then “God help us.”