Getting hit by the stick

October 11th, 2007

It took forty-eight hours for two athletes to bring more drug allegations to the world of professional sports.

While Travis Henry is doing his best O.J. impression, Marion Jones came right out and admitted that she is a big fat cheater.

My question is, when will the powers that be finally create a system of punishment for these athletes that will actually hold them accountable for their wrongdoings?

The NFL has a three-strike system for this sort of thing. Why? NFL players are cheating, they should be suspended for the whole year, at least.

If we applied the NFL rule to JCU’s academic honesty policy, I could cheat on at least two tests and not flunk the class, and that is if I got caught.

It seems that leagues can only properly reprimand people when they bet on games. Pete Rose? He’s gone.
I must commend Marion Jones for finally coming forward with the fact that she hit the stick.

While the years of denying that very fact discredit her greatly, it is still nice to she that she owned up to what she did by returning her medals from the 2000 Olympics.

Still, the problem remains for every other major sport. How do they stop doping?

I’m pretty sure the correct answer would be to kick them out for the year, the first time they are caught. This could also apply to other crimes such as assault, domestic abuse, or running your Lamborghini off the road and then leaving it.

Regardless of how Travis Henry’s second sample turns out, he would probably refrain from taking a hit next time if he was suspended for the season.

Major sports leagues need to teach these guys a lesson right away. That way they won’t have to worry about repeat offenders.

I’m pretty sure that even the University of Miami’s admissions standards require you to know that if you do something wrong more than once you will get in trouble.

The three strike system in the NFL is clearly flawed.

While it took a while for the MLB to catch on to the rampant steroid use in the league, they are on the right track; 50 games for a first offense and your third strike is a lifetime ban.

If leagues like the NFL and MLB are going to punish players for use of steroids, other performance enhancing drugs or narcotics of any sort, they need to truly punish the perpetrators.

It is right that Marion Jones gave up her medals and it is right that Floyd Landis lost his Tour de France title. It is not right, however, that Shawne Merriman was able to finish last season after being caught using steroids.

It should be simple; use steroids, miss the season. Use steroids again, miss two seasons. Three times? Lets hope that basket weaving major paid off.

Testing needs to be conducted more often to assure players aren’t using any substance.
Pro athletes need to be held accountable for their actions, now.