Articles published in September, 2007

Football defense shines in historic win

Both JCU and Heidelberg played a sloppy game which both teams totaled 17 penalties for 175 yards. The 21-6 win marked the Blue Streaks’ third in a row dating back to last season and was the fourth game in the last five where they did not allow a touchdown.

Japanese prime minister resigns

Shingo Abe had a difficult and short tenure as Japanese prime minister. Scandal, government mismanagement, and humiliating electoral defeats finally led to Abe’s resignation on Sept. 12, just under a year after taking office.

Petraeus Speaks

The senior American commander in Iraq, General David H. Petraeus, gave his Congressional testimony on September 10 and 11 amongst partisan uproars. He gave an assessment of the security in Iraq and gave his own recommendations that he recently laid out for his chain of command.

Hopkins Airport to Expand

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will undergo a significant expansion from Continental Airlines. The plans are accompanied by the anticipation of escalating profits, increased transit capacity, and a slew of new jobs that will bolster the Cleveland economy.

America Deserves Better

We were once united as a nation at war, however now, divisive politics have made this country more polarized than I have ever seen it.

JCU Relay For Life #1 in Nation

John Carroll University’s Relay For Life earned number one status as it raised the most money per student in the 2,500 to 4,999-enrollment bracket.

Chronic stress can cause weight gain

Chronic stress can cause the body to create a certain hormone that contributes to a person’s weight gain.

The Flat Iron Cafe: Cleveland’s oldest Irish pub

Over the weekend I had the good fortune of dining at Cleveland’s Oldest Irish Pub, The Flat Iron Cafe, located in The Flats since 1910. The bar was gorgeous, done very much in the style of an old Irish pub with extravagant wood work and more Celtic sayings than you could read in a sitting.

O.J. Simpson Arrested for Armed Robbery

O.J. Simpson was arrested on Sunday and faces multiple charges in an alleged armed robbery of collectors involving the former football great and Hall of Famer’s sports memorabilia.

‘The Brave One’ fights for revenge

In 1974, Charles Bronson made it cool to take out deserving criminals and would-be muggers in his award-winning “Death Wish.” Now, it only seems fair that a female take her turn at being a one-woman vigilante squad that takes the law into her own hands.

Men’s and women’s soccer edging way up standings

Last season, the John Carroll University men’s soccer team started the season with an 11 game winless streak. The 2007 season has been a turn around of sorts as the team has started 3-4. This is why senior captain Alex Bernot is not ready to jump on the panic button.

New gastropub offers elegance

The Ballentine Gastropub is a new dining experience worth trying. Located on Erie St. in downtown Willoughby it is a little over a 20 minute drive from campus. Though the distance may be inconvenient, Ballentine’s atmosphere, food and drinks are a good excuse for a Saturday night trip to Willoughby.

Wide receiver battles on and off the field

Ask almost any football player what his passion is and he’ll say “football.” But, for sophomore wide receiver Chris Esparza, it’s also his saving grace.

Til death do us part

In the past few decades, modern changes on the view of marriage have taken two dramatic turns. One end deals with young, married couples and the other end concerns the rising trend in America to wait before saying I do.

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: The Quad; an unwritten rule

I would like to personally welcome the Class of 2011. From what I’ve seen from your Facebook profiles, you have a lot of potential. My name is Andrew, some people call me Raff, and some people call me some other things not fit for print. I’m going to help you out. And no, don’t come…

Inspiration: A lack of legitimate love

One night this past summer my friend eagerly recounted seeing an elderly couple walking around the quad at dusk,  hand in hand. She remarked how beautiful it was to see two people who have seemingly been together for so long still  showing their love. I agreed, but also commented on how distraught this made me…

OurView: The reason sexism still exists

Let me start this by saying I believe in the power of women – the power to change the world, run their own fortune 500 company, and flirt to get out of a traffic ticket. I believe a strong woman can be at least as good as any man in any situation (and sometimes better).…

Lo Castro's Lowdown: The highs and lows of roommate roles

Not one. Not two. Not even four. But six. That’s the number of girls I live with this year. In light of a new semester, I figured it’d be fitting to talk about the people we live with. And, although my first intention was to write the stereotypical criticism about the immature and blissfully naïve…