Its OK to be a conservative on a college campus

September 27th, 2007

Let’s have a little fun and get controversial shall we — I want to talk conservatism, and how it is OK to be a proud conservative on a college campus. It is common knowledge that colleges and universities are overwhelmingly liberal in ideology. I once saw a survey that said more than 90 percent of professors consider themselves to be liberal. I don’t doubt it. Furthermore, it’s believed that college-aged people also tend to be more liberal. I don’t doubt that either. As a matter of fact, just in the past week two very liberal student journalists wrote columns in their respective college newspapers that raised some eyebrows.

One kid said he couldn’t make up his mind about who is a bigger terrorist, George Bush or Osama bin Laden. The other guy wrote a column with a headline “Taser this…F— Bush.” To write stuff like that makes you an idiot, a proverbial mental midget, and if that offends you, I couldn’t care less.
Want more proof? This week Columbia University, one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the United States, allowed the president of Iran to speak on their campus. Yes, they actually invited a terrorist to use them as a propaganda tool. Some say letting him speak is good for dialogue. I consider it giving needed attention to someone who does not deserve it. It me reminds of when some drunk screwball runs onto a pro baseball field. Usually, the camera never shows them because that would just reward their obnoxious behavior.

No institution run by conservatives would ever allow an enemy of America to spew their venomous rhetoric. Remember, President Ahmadinejad (pronounced Ahk-may-de-nah-jad not Ahm-in-luv-wit-jihad you wiseguys) denies the Holocaust and wants Israel wiped off the map. His government is also funding terror groups around the world and has sent money and weapons into Iraq to harm American soldiers. By the way, a dean from Columbia also said recently that they would have invited Adolf Hitler to speak as well. I think that says it all right there.

Luckily, we go to a school like John Carroll which is not so incredibly left-wing that wearing a Bush/Cheney shirt around campus won’t get you spit on. You might think that sounds crazy but trust me, doing something like that at an Ivy League school is a dangerous endeavor. Although, it could also be fun if you feel like beating up someone who thinks they are smarter than you. Don’t get me wrong, we do have our fair share of opinionated left-wingers on campus here. I remember last year in the bottom floor of the Administration building there was a rather large sign that read “Impeach Bush.” There are also occasional anti-war protests at JCU where the five people who show up listen to themselves rant and rave about everything wrong with America.

It’s fun to mess with people like that sometimes. All you really have to do is say certain buzzwords that just drive liberals crazy. For example, Fox News is always a good one, and Halliburton works well, too. Want to see some real fireworks, tell them you wish Dick Cheney would be president, you better stand back because their heads are liable to explode.

But seriously, if you are a Conservative out there do not be ashamed of your beliefs. Speak up for what you believe in even if you are surrounded by close-minded people who think you are a war-mongering bigoted homophobe who wants to take from the needy and give to the greedy. Prove to them that is not wrong to believe in policies like fiscal responsibility, the sanctity of marriage, smaller government, and strong foreign policy led by diplomacy but backed up by the use of the best military in the world if need be.
To their credit, most professors at John Carroll are very good at not using their pulpit in the classroom to influence and brainwash students to their own personal political ideology. I have yet to have an instructor who was an extremist on either side of the aisle. That is a good thing. But good and constructive conversations about very important world events do take place in classrooms. It is very important for us young people to partake in responsible debate about this dangerous would in which we currently find ourselves.

So next time you are involved in such a debate, or overhear others having a political discussion, speak up and use facts and intelligent arguments to lay the smackdown on the opposition. Don’t resort to personal attacks or other sleezy tactics so commonly used by Kool-Aid drinkers who cannot think for themselves. All the while, wear the badge of conservatism proudly and let your words represent everything good, right, and just that it stands for.