‘Good Luck Chuck’ may cause upchucking

September 27th, 2007

One word to describe this movie- raunchy. But this should be the least of your worries, unless you’d be interesting in watching a movie that is so repulsive, you’d swear sex off for days, or even weeks.

Dane Cook, Super Finger originator, plays the role of Charlie, a man living a dream, or so he thinks.

Starting from an innocent game of spin the bottle, a young Charlie is hoping to hit the jackpot and score seven minutes of heaven with the girl of his dreams at a friend’s birthday party.

While his best friend and sex educator, Stu (Dan Fogler from “Balls of Fury”), stands by his side, Charlie’s dreams are shattered as the bottle lands on the Goth Girl. Refusing to make out with the little she-devil, Charlie is cursed to never be happy, and to never love.

Fast forward twenty-something years and Charlie is just a normal guy, who can’t commit to a relationship. Still wary of that daunting four-letter word that most guys can’t seem to roll off their tongues, Charlie is just another happy bachelor. Charlie, who is a dentist, has an office located right next door to his best friend’s practice. Stu is a plastic surgeon.
While attending the wedding of a past girlfriend, Charlie unexpectedly becomes the center of attention. After toasting to Charlie, the bride thanks him for being her “good luck charm,” making Charlie the most eligible bachelor on earth.

Charlie’s voice mailbox fills with phone numbers and marriage-crazed women throw themselves at his feet. Though Charlie is initially stunned by all of the attention, Stu convinces him that he is doing a social service by sleeping with as many women as he can. Service in terms of helping them find true love.

But even after sleeping with hundreds of women, Charlie just can’t take his mind off the girl that he met at the wedding. Cam (Jessica Alba) was the one girl who didn’t see Charlie as her ticket to marriage, but simply treated him as a regular guy, leaving an impression that he could not forget.

As fate would have it, Cam needs some dental work after a freak accident occurs at the penguin exhibit where she works. Love soon blossoms, but Charlie avoids sleeping with Cam at all costs, fearing his luck could be a curse. Shocked by Charlie’s foolishness, Cam ends the relationship, leaving Charlie to prove his true love for her.

Like all romantic comedies, the good guy always gets the girl. But for “Good Luck Chuck,” the good guy just happens to sleep with every woman who hops in his bed.

Although it was an original idea, many movie-goers will simply be turned off by the script’s over-the-top sexuality. Cook’s scripted one-liners are stale, leaving most of the laughs to his outrageous co-star, Fogler. Cam’s brother, Joe (Lonny Ross), who works with her at the penguin exhibit, also adds some low-key humor.

In the end, Alba is breathtaking to stare at, but her character’s klutzy clichés and lack of comedic sensibility just don’t deliver.

If you’re looking for an “awesomely bad movie,” then this one might be right up your alley.

P.S. Make sure you stay for the ending credits, they’re priceless.