Pro sports concerns

September 20th, 2007

The actions of professional athletes off the field have always seemed to be a reason of public concern. In the past several months, the integrity of pro sports has been damaged.
Last week, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick wasEne caught cheating. He was attempting to steal the defensive signals of the New York Jets during a game.
With a growing concern of the intregrity of national sports, the public needs to consider its influence on younger generations. The commissioners of professional sports leagues should reconsider the punishments that are typically given to wrongdoers and implement a more severe policy, stricter fines, and longer suspensions. The Belichick incident joins the many and continuously surfacing scandals that continue to tarnish the name of professional sports. Along with the Belichick incident, this past summer, National Basketball Association referee Tim Donaghy was caught betting on games he had officiated.
Games are becoming increasingly illegitimate and pro athletes and coaches are no longer positive role models. Is this because we live in a society where money and winning are a number one priority? As children, we are first exposed to sports because they offer not only fitness, but valuable lessons on playing the game fairly. If the public is exposed to dishonest play, there is the potential in developing the notion that cheating is okay whether it be on or off the field.
People like Bill Belichick, NBA referee Tim Donaghy, and Michael Vick are not role models. They are unfit influences on the public, primarily children.